Huawei plans to build a research campus in Cambridge stalled

The construction of Huawei’s £1 billion research campus in the UK has stalled.

Newspaper The Daily Telegraph informsthat work on the site has not yet begun, despite the fact that the Chinese manufacturer set a deadline for completion of the first phase of construction two years ago.

The publication claims that the company has put plans on hold due to lack of progress and because the building permit expires in August.

Huawei declined to comment on whether it would start work in the next five months and said it was still considering building a campus in Cambridge. Moreover, the British newspaper writes that the Chinese vendor answered the requests of the Cambridge Council to provide information about the project with silence.

In June 2020, Huawei announced that it had received approval from local authorities to build the facility, with an investment of £1 billion in the first phase. The enterprise was expected to specialize in research, development and production of optoelectronic products. However, the company’s position in the country deteriorated significantly after the UK government banned the use of Huawei’s 5G equipment in July 2020 due to ongoing concerns about the supplier’s security.

In addition, Huawei was accused of tracking visitors with access labels without their consent at MWC 2023 recently held in Barcelona.

Local council member Brian Milnes expressed his disappointment, saying the entire project seemed to have stalled. The lack of progress on the campus raises concerns about Huawei’s future investment plans in the UK.

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