HP Prodesk 400 G7: Compact and discreet desktop PC

HP Prodesk 400 G7: Compact and discreet desktop PC

Tested product: HP ProDesk 400 G7
Award: Costs from SEK 8,490 on PriceSpy

HP Prodesk computers come in a variety of formats, from mini-to micro-PC. But since their micromodels are not as compact as those of the competition, we are more interested in the medium format, their still deftly compact Small Form Factor models. The one we have tested is called Prodesk 400 G7 and turns out to be a really nice little device.

Rating 3.5 out of 5


Despite older hardware and design that is more focused on looking discreet than taking up as little space as possible, we like the HP Prodesk 400 G7. With a newer processor and an additional gear in performance, it would have been an obvious choice.


  • Attractive design
  • Plenty of connections
  • Spacious for upgrades


  • Something big
  • No wifi
  • Constant albeit subdued cooling

We like its stripped down symmetrical design, with rounded corners and chassis built to lie flat on the table. You can also set it upright, but the front panel is clearly designed for horizontal position. Despite larger dimensions than real mini-PCs, it gives a discreet impression and holds more than it first gives the impression of. It is barely visible, but in the font panel there is actually something nowadays as unusual as a DVD burner.

If we open the computer, we see that there is room for extra RAM, two places for small pci express plug-in cards and a hard disk space. However, the latter can be a challenge to install, if it is not one of the small 2.5-inch type. A large 3.5-inch hard drive is technically included, but it becomes almost impossible to run cables to it.

RAM is easily accessible and you can easily plug in an extra to double from eight to 16 gigabytes. Other upgrades require more patience, but it is a smart computer case where everything inside can be accessed with patience and without tools. What you do not get pre-installed is wifi, but there is a pcie place for it.

Lots of usb but not most

Then it may be easier to just buy a USB adapter for the purpose. Like other sff computers, such as the Dell Optiplex 5090, it is generously equipped with USB ports. You do not get as many as the Dell computer has, but you can still plug in the included mouse and keyboard via usb, a wifi adapter, a couple of accessories and have room for more. We also appreciate that we get both display port and hdmi output. This makes it easier to connect alternative monitors such as a projector or TV.

HDMI port on a business computer is something we appreciate. Not everything has a display port, no matter how much the IT department wants it.

The computer has older hardware than the competition, an Intel Core i5 processor from the 10th generation. But it performs really well and we very rarely feel that it would be out of date. It lags behind newer Intel processors in multi-threaded operations, for example when we export a video file in Adobe Premiere Elements it takes longer than with a newer processor, otherwise we do not notice a significant difference.

Whether it is due to the processor or the design of the computer is difficult to determine, but it also stays cool even though the cooling never gets loud. However, the fan has a buzzing tone which can be annoying, especially if it is running for longer periods. For the most part, however, it only gives off a pleasantly subdued hiss. However, the fans never spin down completely, so completely silent operation is not a choice. We also do not get any opportunity to control the fans in terms of software.

Almost bloatware-free

The computer comes with an almost completely clean Windows 10 Pro installation. The only thing that might be annoying is that it has a trial of Office installation and that Microsoft Teams pops up at startup if you do not manually disable it. You get a couple of programs from HP, the most important of which is Support Assistant, which contains everything from system information and warranty information to troubleshooting tools to clean up the system or troubleshoot networks.

HP Prodesk 400 G7 insida
Neat and spacious on the inside.

With a price of SEK 8,500, you get a simple, functional and mostly hassle-free computer, discreetly enough to place on the desk, but it lags behind in performance compared to some of the competitors. And if you want a super small computer, there are better choices.


Product name: HP Prodesk 400 G7 11M56EA#UUW
Tested: October 2021
Contact: https://www.hp.se
Processor: Intel Core i5-10500, 3,1 GHz hexa core
Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 630
Memory: 8 GB ddr4
Storage: 256 GB ssd, dvd burner
Connections: 2st usb 3 gen 2, 3st usb 3 gen 1, 4st usb 2, gigabit ethernet, hdmi, displayport, audio ut, headset
Wireless: No
Expansion: 2st lågprofil pcie, 1st so dimm, 1st 2,5/3,5″ sata
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro, ready for Windows 11
Other: USB keyboard and mouse, built-in speaker
Noise level: 30-37 dBa
Size: 27 x 31,7 x 9,5 cm
Rec. Award: No information
Award: Costs from SEK 8,490 on PriceSpy


Cinebench R23, cpu: 8 123 points
Cinebench R23, cpu a core: 1,129 points
Geekbench 5, cpu: 4 239 points
Geekbench 5, cpu and core: 1 124 points
Geekbench 5, grafik: 5 214 points
Disk, reading: 2 295,56 MB / s
Disk, writing: 1 506,41 MB / s


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