how to view saved passwords

If you use Chrome’s password creation and backup service, you know how convenient it is. We explain here how to find all the saved passwords if you want to use them elsewhere than on the Google web browser.

By activating the automatic entry of passwords on Chrome, the browser offers to save them. A practical option that allows you to create a very secure password in one click and save it automatically. But where can we find them next? We explain here how to access it quickly.

How to View Saved Passwords on Google Chrome

After launching Google Chrome, follow these steps:

1. Click the menu represented by the three vertical dots at the top right of the page.

2. Select the “Settings” tab.

3. You are now on the Google Chrome Settings page.

4. On the left menu, click on “Autofill”, then “Password Manager”.

5. The list of all the sites for which you have saved a username and password is then displayed.

6. As you can see, the passwords are hidden. Click on the eye to make them appear.

7. You will be prompted for your computer’s master password (only once) to view Google Chrome passwords.

8. The three small dots next to the eye allow you to copy, modify or delete the password.

On this same page, it is also possible to verify passwords to protect against data breaches and other security-related issues. If this subject interests you, go to our tutorial to find out if your passwords are compromised.

Finally, if you wanted to view Chrome passwords to import or export to a password manager, just click on the three dots next to “Saved Passwords”.

Note that the handling is the same from Google Chrome on your Android or iOS smartphone. Now you know where to find saved passwords on Google Chrome and how to view them!