How to Use a Switch Controller with a PS4

If you like to fire up the PS4 for a few leisurely rounds of gaming, then everything should be fine – including the controller. If you like the Nintendo Switch Pro controller more than the original PS4 controller, it’s no problem at all. With a little trick you can connect this to your PS4.

Nintendo Switch controller to PS4 – possible with this third-party adapter

For many, the PlayStation 4 controller simply isn’t the best way to play on a console. Some wish they could connect the Xbox One controller to Sony’s console – others prefer the Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad. Officially, Sony doesn’t want you to play on the PS4 with any gamepad. The fact that this is still possible is thanks to a small adapter.


In order to be able to play with your Nintendo Switch controller on your PS4, you need the help of an adapter. It is not enough for you to get a Bluetooth dongle, for example. The reason for this is the authentication system, which checks whether connected hardware also has permission to communicate with your PS4 console.

Luckily, there is a little helper that sends the right signal to the PS4 so that it works. The BIGBIG Won controller adapter receives the wireless signals from the Nintendo Switch Pro controller without any problems and passes them on to the PS4. The adapter costs around 30 euros. But you should be prepared for the fact that motion control probably won’t work.


How does the whole thing work step by step? That’s easy:


Plug the adapter into the PS4 The Bluetooth dongle light will start flashing Press the button to the left of the USB port on your Nintendo Switch Pro controller to sync the controller until the lights on the bottom side start flashing The light The dongle will now glow orange continuously. Press the home button on your Switch controller and you should be able to control your PS4 with it

That was it. For example, the Switch Pro gamepad should now work completely normally on your PS4. By the way, the adapter also works in various other combinations.