How to turn on Apple Watch vibration

If you’re missing notifications on your Apple Watch, or just prefer more visible haptic feedback, read how to turn on Apple Watch vibration.

Whether you have an older model, the new 8 Series, or Ultra, you can set your Apple Watch vibration in exactly the same way.

It might just be placebo, or maybe the larger surface area of ​​the 49mm case on my wrist, but in my experience, the Apple Watch Ultra provides stronger haptic feedback than my Series 7.

Apple doesn’t say the haptic feedback setting increases the intensity, but it does add extra vibrations to the alerts to make them easier to notice. But we will also look at the hint below to increase the real strength.

How to turn on Apple Watch vibration

On Apple Watch

Open “Settings”. Swipe down or use the Digital Crown to select Sounds & Haptics.

Using Prominent haptic feedback increases the amount of vibration clicks you get for some alerts. So instead of a simple double tap, you get a long vibration followed by a double tap.

Along with changing the haptic feedback, you can amplify the vibrations by wearing the watch band as tight as possible (but without making it uncomfortable).

You can also adjust whether or not you want to turn off tactile sensations for the Digital Crown and system controls right below the Default/Visible options.

Here’s what the process looks like:

How to enable vibration on Apple Watch 2

On iPhone

Open the Watch app. Swipe down and tap Sounds & Feels. Click “Prominent” under “HAPTICS” (make sure haptic alerts are enabled).

Thanks for reading our guide on how to turn on Apple Watch vibration!

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