How to tell if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not allow you to know if you have been blocked by someone. Access to such an indication is prohibited by the instant messaging service for reasons of confidentiality. But signs exist on the social network and can provide a first possible explanation.

You no longer have any news from a contact, despite the messages you regularly send them on WhatsApp? Maybe it's because he blocked you on IM. Unfortunately for you, you won't be able to find out just by using the mobile application. WhatsApp has made the decision to hide this information.


Can we find out if someone has blocked us on WhatsApp?

Short answer: no, not with absolute certainty.

In its help pagesthe subsidiary of Meta (formerly Facebook) indicates that this is a deliberate choice, precisely for confidentiality purposes.

If you yourself one day decide to no longer receive messages or calls from a person, you would not want the WhatsApp application to reveal this information to them. However, if the service offers this protection to you, it also owes it to other users. So much for the indiscretions.

Source: Neeclick - PixaHive
WhatsApp does not give this indication, for confidentiality reasons. But clues can point the way. // Source : Neeclick – PixaHive

Can we see the messages of a blocked person on WhatsApp?

If you block a person on WhatsApp, then you will stop receiving their messages, calls and status updates.


Clues to know if a contact blocks us on WhatsApp, like a single gray check mark

In general, WhatsApp strives to provide you with privacy options that allow you to hide your online status or the “seen” mark when you read a message. These options work on the principle of reciprocity: if you activate them, you will not be able to see the status and mention of others. If you disable them, then you can see these items in your contact list.

Indices can, however, be used to detect a blockage by a user. The following list is not exhaustive.

The calls never go through. The profile photo is no longer updated. Mentions of online presence are hidden (even if you display yours, see what we indicate previously). The double check mark for message delivery never appears (there is only one check mark). WhatsApp status is no longer visible…

A written discussion or telephone tool, WhatsApp contains functions that allow you to do more: it is possible to share your position in real time or transmit a fleeting photo. There are also other tips that make the use of WhatsApp more user-friendly, with the possibility of keeping messages as favorites or formatting the text.

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