How to Stay Updated on the Kings World Cup Football Competition with AmineMaTue

From May 26 to June 8, the Kings World Cup takes place, a somewhat special international football tournament, imagined by Gerard Piqué. Content creator AmineMaTue will represent France, alongside former football stars. The competition will be broadcast on Twitch.

These next few weeks promise to be particularly busy for sports fans. Between Roland Garros, Euro 2024 football, the Olympic Games in Paris and even the Tour de France, there will be plenty to do. And that won't be all.


In 2024, a new competition is arriving: the Kings World Cup. This is a global football tournament created by Gerard Piqué, former star of FC Barcelona and multiple champion with the Spanish selection. The president of the Kings World Cup is none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic, former Swedish striker, who played for PSG, among others.

In France, the event can count on a strong ambassador: content creator AmineMaTue, who broke records on Twitch with his Eleven All Stars football match (France versus Spain) — more than 1.2 million viewers. He had beaten Squeezie's GP Explorer, which took place a few days earlier.

The Kings World Cup will be one of the spring events. Will we be able to follow it easily? The answer is yes.

Kings World Cup // Source: Twitter Kings World Cup
The Kings World Cup takes place in Mexico. // Source: Twitter Kings World Cup

What is the Kings World Cup?

The Kings World Cup is a football tournament organized in Mexico and created by Gerard Piqué. It will pit 32 teams from around the world (22 countries): ten selected via the Kings League, ten via the Americas Kings League and twelve invited. France is one of the participating nations, with the Foot2Rue team.


The Kings World Cup is based on rules that move away from traditional football:

  • Match 7 against 7 (instead of 11), on a small pitch;
  • 40-minute match (2×20 minutes), instead of 90 minutes;
  • Kick-off with the ball in the center and everyone starting from their goal to take possession;
  • Yellow and red cards which only exclude players temporarily (2 to 5 minutes);
  • Unlimited number of changes (compared to 5);
  • Possibility of activating bonuses (example: goals that count double, temporary exclusion of an opponent, etc.).

In short, the goal of the Kings World Cup is also to revitalize football, by making it more spectacular, original and pleasant to follow, including for those less attracted to football. Clearly, it is a question of dynamiting the current rules. Unexpected, especially coming from a former footballer who dedicated his life to football.

The Kings World Cup prize pool reaches one million dollars for the winner.

How to watch the Kings World Cup live and streaming?

While spectators will be able to attend matches on site, the Kings World Cup will also be broadcast online. You can follow it for free on AmineMaTue's Twitch channel, starting Sunday, May 26. Due to the time difference, meetings will be offered in the evening.

The Kings World Cup will also be offered on the M6+ platform.

Who represents France at the Kings World Cup?

AmineMaTue is one of the ambassadors of the Kings World Cup, and he represents France along with two very well-known players: Samir Nasri and Jérémy Ménez — two of the three wild cards. The rest of the team, coached by Saïd Dorbani, is made up of:

  • Alan Rakotovazaha
  • Christian Nsapu
  • Abdel Medioub
  • Salah Bouazza
  • Melvin Bachelet
  • Theo Chendri
  • Lucas Valeri
  • Clement Goguey
  • Amara Fofana
  • Yanis Barka

They were selected after a huge casting process. Some, like Abdel Medioub, who passed through Bordeaux, are professional players.

Kings World Cup // Source: Twitter Kings World CupKings World Cup // Source: Twitter Kings World Cup
The French team for the Kings World Cup. // Source: Twitter Kings World Cup

Who are the big football names associated with the Kings World Cup?

Casually, the Kings World Cup is supported by big names. In addition to the already mentioned Gerard Piqué, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Jérémy Ménez and Samir Nasri, we find big names like Mario Götze, Iker Casillas, Eden Hazard, Rio Ferdinand, Francesco Totti, Andriy Shevchenko and Neymar. The stars therefore answered the call.

What is the schedule for the Kings World Cup?

Here is the full Kings World Cup schedule :

  • May 25: four Redemption Game matches to determine the last four qualified teams;
  • May 26-27-28: first day (16 matches);
  • May 29-30-21: second day (16 matches). Teams at 2-0 qualify for the round of 16, those at 0-2 are eliminated;
  • June 2: Last Chance matches for teams at 1-1 after the first two days. Those at 2-1 qualify for the round of 16, those at 1-2 are eliminated;
  • June 4-5: round of 16 (8 matches);
  • June 6: quarter-finals (4 matches);
  • June 8: final four (3 matches, with semi-finals and final).

When will the French team's first match in the Kings World Cup take place?

The first match of the French team will be held Monday, May 27, at 10 p.m.. Foot2Rue will face the winner of the Redemption Game match between Los Chamos FC and PIO FC.