How to sign up for HBO Max in France: A Step-by-Step Guide

HBO Max has been available in France since Tuesday June 11, 2024. Here's how to subscribe to this new streaming service.

A new SVOD platform is available in France, in an already busy market. Max, the new service from the giant Warner Bros., is launched this Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Discovery. It provides access to a very extensive catalog, bringing together several flagship licenses (DC Comics superheroes, Game Of ThronesHarry Potter…).


Who says new SVOD platform, says new subscription and, by extension, the need to register and subscribe. Max exists in three formulas:

As an option, you can take the Sport pack for €5 more per month, knowing that it will not be compulsory to watch the 2024 Olympic Games.

There are several ways to subscribe to HBO Max

Via the website

We choose a subscription

And we create our account to pay


Subscribe to HBO Max // Source: Screenshot

Via the app

Max obviously exists in the form of an application, available on iOS Like on Android. It is possible to subscribe to the service directly there, with a small subtlety all the same: the Sport option is only reserved here for the Premium plan, for a total cost of €18.99 per month. On the web, nothing prevents you from combining the Sport option with the Basic formula with advertising.

Via Canal+

Max is included in certain Canal+ packages, which means that the people concerned will not have to do anything: if you are a subscriber, you will be able to access the HBO Max catalog from myCanal. Note that this is the Standard plan, or the intermediate (without 4K UHD).

Subscribe to HBO Max // Source: ScreenshotSubscribe to HBO Max // Source: Screenshot
Subscribe to HBO Max. // Source: Screenshot

Via Amazon Prime Video

It is also possible to subscribe to Max via Amazon Prime Video – which then plays the role of supplier. The service replaces the Warner Pass. “ Your subscription will automatically become a Max subscription on June 11 without any price change. Eurosport will be offered at no additional cost until December 11, 2024. After this date, you will have to pay an additional €5 per month to keep Eurosport », the multinational announced in a tweet published on June 9. Did you have a Warner Pass + Ligue 1 Pass pack? It becomes a Max subscription at €9.99 per month, with Eurosport offered until December 11.

Subscribe to HBO Max // Source: ScreenshotSubscribe to HBO Max // Source: Screenshot
Subscribe to HBO Max via Amazon Prime Video. // Source: Screenshot

On Prime Video, Max is only offered in two plans: Max Ad lite (€5.99) and Max Ad-free (€9.99). They correspond to the first two levels of the classic formulas, even if certain content is in 4K UHD at no additional cost.

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