How to Record Video from Apple TV on Mac

With the release of OS X Yosemite, the Apple desktop operating system now has the ability to record screencasts from connected devices using a native media player. Quick Time. Thanks to it, you can record video from the screen of iPhone, iPad and, of course, Apple TV.

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How to Record Video from Apple TV on Mac

So, to capture video from an iPhone or iPad, you can use a standard Lightning cable, while in the case of Apple TV you need to use the USB Type-C port. After connecting the set-top box to the computer, use the following instructions to record video:

1. Launch the player Quick Time;

2. Go to menu File → New Video Recording;

How to Record Video from Apple TV on Mac

3. To the right of the button Recording press the arrow to open the context menu;

4. Select Apple TV in the categories “Camera” And “Microphone”;

How to Record Video from Apple TV 4G on Mac

5. Now you can start recording video. When finished, select the menu item File → Save.

Note that HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)-protected video cannot be recorded this way. This technology is designed to prevent illegal copying of videos, but it does not apply to public content and will not prevent you from recording a screencast of game applications.

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