How to prevent neighbors from connecting to your Bluetooth speaker? Yes, there is such a problem, and it is not easy to solve it.

User “Peekaboo” with the nickname tbrmr complainedthat neighbors periodically connect to his home clock with a wireless speaker function. They turn on music or try to talk to someone on the phone. They probably do this unintentionally – their smartphone itself connects to a Bluetooth device in the nearest radius of action.

Indeed, pairing with some Bluetooth speakers and headphones is simplified so much that it is not necessary to confirm the connection with the smartphone, it happens automatically (although on the smartphone you still need to press the “Connect” or “Connect” button, but many confirm such requests automatically, without thinking why they do it).

It will not be possible to set a ban on unauthorized connections using software if such an opportunity is not provided by the manufacturers. We’ll have to disassemble the device and see what’s inside it. Alternatively, you can disconnect or solder the antenna coming from the Bluetooth module, or shield part of the case with foil. In this case, the Bluetooth range will be reduced, the signal will definitely not break through the wall, and the neighbor’s smartphone will not see your speaker. A less radical way is to keep the speaker constantly connected to some of your devices (for example, an old unnecessary smartphone). But you can do it even easier – knock on the neighbors, talk to them and explain that they connect to your gadget without asking, and neither they nor you need it. If they’re not trolls, they’ll stop pestering you.