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Von: Philip Hansen

Counter-Strike 2 is coming and the beta has started surprisingly. Everything about the limited test phase and how you can participate today on Steam.

Washington – Counter-Strike 2 surprisingly in the summer of 2023. You can already let off steam in the first beta for the first-person shooter today. But getting into the limited testing phase, as Valve calls it, isn’t that easy. We show how you can participate in CS:GO on Steam (PC), what you need to know about CS2 keys and what the developers even warn about.

title Counter-Strike 2
Row Counter-Strike
Release Sommer 2023
developer Valve Corporation, Hidden Path Entertainment
Genre Tactics-Shooter

Play Counter-Strike 2 Today – Limited Test in CS:GO Explained

Counter-Strike 2 with beta official: The leak for Counter Strike: Global Offensive 2 should be right. Valve officially confirmed it on March 22nd: Counter-Strike 2 is coming in the summer of 2023 and is the next step after CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) after 10 years. The even better news, you can test the new CS2 yourself today.

The so-called limited test phase (Limited Access) for Counter-Strike 2 has started – it is like the beta for the new tactical shooter hit.

Join the limited test: Valve, the Counter-Strike and Steam developers choose for themselves which of you can now participate in the CS2 beta. You will only receive the notification in CS:GO.

  • You can see whether you have been chosen by Valve to take part in the new beta for Counter-Strike 2 in the CS:GO main menu.
  • After being invited to the “Limited Trial Period” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you must click “PARTICIPATE”. Then the download for Counter-Strike 2 Beta starts automatically.
  • The limited test phase for CS2 has been running since March 22, 2023 – over time more and more players will be allowed into the beta.
  • You can increase your chances of playing the beta yourself. Valve has revealed what criteria they use to select.
Counter-Strike 2 review: How to take part – All about the limited beta and keys © Valve

Counter-Strike 2: Getting into limited beta testing today – Tips from Valve

Here’s how Valve chooses: If you want to get your hands on the limited test phase today, you need luck. But some facts can increase my chances. Here’s what Valve says: “The Counter-Strike 2 development team selects players based on several factors“. Here is a summary of the selection criteria for the Counter-Strike 2 beta:

  • You’ve been playing on Valve servers lately
  • Your Steam account has a good trust factor
  • Your Steam account has not been suspended or banned in CS:GO
  • Incidentally, the invitation to Counter Strike 2 can only be received by Steam users on Windows PCs. If you play on Mac or Linux, you are excluded. PS4/PS5 and Xbox are also excluded.

In summary, you should be a good CS player and a good, active Steam user. Luckily, you still have some time to meet Valve’s terms. Here is the official and detailed one Counter-Strike 2 Limited Trial Guide.

How long is the limited test phase for CS2? Valve does not have an exact date for the end of the limited test phase of Counter-Strike 2. The only official thing is that the finished game should be released in summer 2023.

Here you can watch the first scenes and gameplay from Counter-Strike 2:

Are there beta keys? No, there are no separate keys to participate in the limited test phase for Counter-Strike 2. Only by unlocking Valve in CS:GO can you participate in the beta.

Beware of counter-strike 2 fake beta invites

Valve warns: The developers also expressly warn against falling for false reports for participation in the limited test phase of Counter-Strike 2. Valve emphatically reiterates that only reports in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are legitimate. So don’t trust any key sellers or download offers outside of CS:GO.

Counter-Strike 2 and eSports

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an integral part of today’s esports landscape. Hardly any other title has been on the scene for as long and as successfully as Valve’s tactical shooter. CS:GO is now more than ten years old. Despite constant updates, it would be time for a new generation of Counter Strike. It remains to be seen whether Counter Strike 2 will make it into the eSports Olympus.

The lucky winners should also be happy that you will also receive EP during the limited test phase for Counter-Strike 2, which will benefit your CS:GO account. For now there are no workshop maps and only the deathmatch mode and converted fighters on the Dust 2 map.

Are you already excited for the next chapter in Counter Strike? Monte, one of the best-known and largest German streamers, also jumped on the first-person shooter recently – but there was direct criticism: unofficial casino streams at MontanaBlack – criticism for CS:GO packs