How to open links in Google Chrome on iPhone or iPad by default

Recently, iOS (iPadOS) developers have significantly expanded the rights of users, saving the latter from the need to hack the system through jailbreak. For example, with the release of iOS 14, it became possible to set the default browser.

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Starting with iOS 14, third-party web browsers and email clients can be used by default on iPhone and iPad. This news will please those users who for some reason do not like the Safari browser and Mail from Apple. In the future, a similar step can be expected to apply to other categories of programs. When you click on a link in any application, it opens in your default browser. Before iOS 14, you could have an alternative browser on the system, such as Google Chrome, but clicking on the link always opened the Safari browser.

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How to Set Google Chrome (or Any Other) as Default Browser on iPhone

1. Download the latest version of Google Chrome from the App Store.

2. Open the application “Settings” and go to the Google Chrome settings page.

3. Click on the menu item “Default browser app“.

4. Touch “Chrome” (or any other browser).

Chrome or Yandex browser by default in iOS on iPhone

As a result of these steps, any application that initiates the standard open URL operation will now tell the system to launch Google Chrome instead of Safari.

Chrome or Yandex browser by default in iOS on iPhone

If you ever change your mind, you can go back to settings and change your default browser back to Safari. If you want to use a third-party browser other than Chrome, you’ll have to wait for the developer to update the app to add this capability.

A similar approach now applies to changing the application for mail.

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