How to Make and Use the Wiggenweld Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

Even if it is not often the favorite subject of young wizards, it is important to know how to make potions in the world of Harry Potter. In Hogwarts Legacy, potions can save your life or eliminate your opponents. We explain everything there is to know about the Wiggenweld potion.

What is the Wiggenweld potion used for in Hogwarts Legacy?


If you are a fan of the Harry Potter universe, you know that potions are an integral part of the life of Hogwarts wizards. Even though readers and viewers have been accustomed to the terrible Professor Snape as the uncompromising teacher of this subject, his usefulness is absolutely fundamental, and this is also true in Hogwarts Legacy. Indeed, potions act as consumables that you can use on yourself to strengthen yourself or on your enemies to weaken them. If you’re having trouble managing your fights (especially on higher difficulties), using potions might just turn the tide. Among all the array of beverages available in Hogwarts Legacy, the Wiggenweld potion is certainly the most common but also the most important.

In fact, the Wiggenweld potion is the first potion that you will drink in Hogwarts Legacy and for good reason: this is the potion that allows you to regenerate your life points. If you want to resist the dangers lurking at Hogwarts or in the Highlands, you will necessarily have to ensure that you are equipped with as many Wiggenweld potions as possible. Note, however, that you will not be able to carry more than 25 at a time, so always make sure you have as many as possible before setting off on your adventure. Once you have taken some damage, All you have to do is drink one using the associated button. (Down arrow on PS5/Xbox/Nintendo Switch, G on PC) to treat you.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you better always have as many Wiggenweld Potions on you as possible. To do this, you can obviously find them on the corpses of your enemies quite regularly or even buy them from Pippin Potions has Hogsmeade but neither of these two methods are really the most effective. To ensure you never run out of Wiggenweld potions, the easiest way is obviously to concoct them yourself in the Room of Requirement.

To concoct Wiggenweld potions, you will first need to unlock the Room of Request while progressing in the main quest. As with all potions, you will first need to purchase its recipe before you can craft it. However, luckily, the latter is one of the supplies to be collected in the quest Welcome to Hogsmeade and so you should already have it by the time you can make your own. After unlocking the Room of Requirement and attending the first potions class with Professor Sharp, you should have everything you need to craft them. Once in your Room of Requirement, place a cauldron and use the following ingredients:


  • 1 Horglup juice
  • 1 Dictam Leaf

Note that the Wiggenweld potion only takes 15 seconds to brew, so you can make a lot of it in a very short time, especially if you have several cauldrons. Regarding the ingredients, they are both very easy to find. Horglup juice can be collected from blue mushrooms that grow everywhere in the wild, and dittany leaves can be grown in the Room of Requirement. To do this, buy the seeds needed for Magic Turnip has Hogsmeade, then plant them in a pot. Thanks to this, you will never run out of Wiggenweld potions!