how to install google apps and services on huawei devices

I decided to check how things are with the installation of Google services on Huawei mobile devices, and at the same time test the work of the AppGallery store from personal experience.

There is very little use from the Google Play app store in Russia right now. Necessary software regularly disappears from its virtual shelves, and payment for purchases does not work. AppGallery comes pre-installed on all Huawei mobile devices and can also be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. Let’s try to figure out if AppGallery can become an alternative to Google Play in 2023, and maybe even a replacement.


The Huawei Store interface is divided into four main sections:

  • Favorites – the main window with recommendations and software ratings
  • Applications – as the name implies, all applications are collected here, and you can also get acquainted with the tops and editorial selections
  • Games – like the previous section, but only with games
  • Me – here you can find account information, updates, settings and other useful information.


In all sections, a button for quick access to the search is displayed in the upper right corner.

In general, the AppGallery interface is responsive and concise. It is not overloaded with redundant information. All games and applications are literally arranged on the shelves. I was also pleased with the abundance of regularly updated editorial content, which allows you to navigate the variety of software.

Installing Google Services

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most interesting – we immediately try to install some Google service directly from AppGallery. I entered “youtube” in the search and immediately got the desired position on the first line. We pass to the application – the active button “Install” is visible below and the file size is displayed. Click and see what happens next.


AppGallery reports that YouTube will require the Gbox application to work – we agree. Installation took just a few seconds. Upon completion, AppGallery offers to open the installed application, and its icon appears on the desktop.

The YouTube app opens and all of its functionality is available without any problems. I checked the video playback, search and login.


We check the possibility of installing WhatsApp and Google Maps. As in the case of YouTube, the messenger was displayed in the search by name on the first line. Go to its page and click the “Install” button. After installation, WhatsApp starts up and works.


The installation of Google Maps also went smoothly. The app starts up and runs flawlessly.

Google Maps

As you can see in the examples above, there are no problems accessing Google services on Huawei devices. In addition to YouTube, I was able to install Google Drive, Chrome and Google Photos in a similar way.

AppGallery store assortment

Compared to Google Play, the range of AppGallery can be called complete, since all the most necessary Russian applications are in place. You don’t have to go to third-party sites to find the right APK files. For example, banking clients of Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff and Alfa are installed from AppGallery in a couple of clicks.


The range of AppGallery has more than 1 million games and applications. All VK and Yandex services are available to users. Also, the store has all the most popular games, including PUBG, Standoff 2, Garena Free Fire and many others.

Another important feature of AppGallery that deserves special mention is that users can receive exclusive gifts for downloading applications or making purchases in them, for example, cashback is available on Fridays for purchases in various games.

Payment for purchases

In Russian Google Play, payment for purchases is not available. AppGallery has no problem with this. Users can purchase paid software, as well as make purchases within games and applications. As a means of payment, you can use Russian bank cards (MasterCard, VISA and MIR), as well as a mobile account or a QIWI wallet.

Just in case, let me remind you that owners of Huawei smartphones with an NFC chip can use contactless payment in offline stores. Three methods are available for this: Huawei Pay, MirPay and SBPey. Huawei Pay is connected in the Huawei Wallet application.

As a conclusion

Google Play in Russia now looks like an inferior, functionally trimmed store. Against this background, AppGallery is a worthy alternative that allows you to get the usual user experience without the need for intermediate solutions.

Judge for yourself, you can’t download the Sber or Tinkoff client right now from Google Play. Payment for purchases is not available at all. All these familiar features are offered by AppGallery without dancing with a tambourine on Huawei devices, as well as for other Android gadgets.