How to improve the quality of Instagram feeds: 5 tips

The management of social networks understands that the use of even traditional tools loved by users will quickly become irrelevant. So they are trying to experiment with what has brought success to their competitors. For Instagram, Reels became such a feature.

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Its appearance was announced in 2020, and the very next year the creators themselves called it nothing more than the locomotive of the Instagram high-speed train. This is how this social network is trying to fight another influential player in the media market, TikTok. Reels also allows you to make short videos. Apparently, Instagram is reconsidering its development strategy taking into account the new content format. Still, the videos gradually take the viewer away from static pictures. That is why bloggers, marketers in terms of promotion on social networks, and everyone who is not alien to modern trends need to pay attention to Reels. But this tool also has its own characteristics, for example, the quality of the videos is not always of the required level.

It is very important to understand exactly how Reels works. This will help you create the most relevant videos that collect views, as well as attract new viewers. The function is very useful for developing a blog and boosting a brand on Instagram. The result is increased sales or awareness.

However, as we have already said, there are also some nuances to working with this media format. The fact is that many Reels users complain about the video quality. Uploading videos to the service, even using fast networks, does not always provide the required detail. So why does Reels degrade media quality? But this affects the comfort of viewing, which along the chain leads to other undesirable results.

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Why does video quality deteriorate in Reels?

Impact of Third Party Applications. Many people use third-party editors to create videos for Reels. This allows you to apply various effects to your video. But as a result, the quality of the finished video may drop. Effects allow you to complement the picture, but this obviously won’t make it any better. So it’s worth thinking about, is there any point in such additions if they make the picture blurry?

Legacy applications. There may be problems if you are using an outdated Instagram client. In this case, it may not work as it should, giving worse results. But it is important for content makers to receive a product of the best quality. So you shouldn’t ignore the issue of updating your client; it’s best to set the option to automate this process. This way you won’t have to think about the problem of your client losing relevance – your device will take care of this issue itself.

Poor camera quality on the phone. If your hobby or even work is related to content production, then high-quality equipment is almost the main criterion. An advanced blogger should have a good phone, or rather, a camera in it. After all, this is the main working tool. Of course, you need to choose a smartphone within your budget. But if the camera takes poor pictures, is blurry, and does not focus well, then you need to think about repairing the device, or even upgrading it. Yes, yes, bloggers also need to invest in themselves.

Internet access speed. Often ideas for videos, like themselves, appear in conditions where Internet access speed is low or unstable. This could be a subway, a park, or even a remote room. And if everything is simpler with filming, then such a video can end up in Reels with poor quality. In this case, it is better to wait for conditions when Internet access is stable. Uploading videos at Edge or 3G speeds or Wi-Fi interruptions is not a good idea, this will directly affect the final quality.

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How to lay out a reels in good quality?

1. Prepare simple and concise videos. An abundance of third-party effects can ruin the quality of videos; all these extraneous GIFs and stickers will not make the video clearer.

2. Use the latest version of the Instagram client, do not ignore application updates.

3. Pay close attention to your working tool. It is better if there are no scratches or other damage on the blogger’s camera. You should not put your smartphone in your pocket with your keys. And the phone needs to be updated from time to time – optics and shooting algorithms do not stand still.

4. Upload videos to Reels in places with fast and stable Internet. And if, after uploading, the quality of the video has become worse than the original, then do not be lazy to delete the video from the social network and upload it there again.

With these simple tips, you can effortlessly improve your Reels experience. Finally, let’s give one more piece of advice. Videos may not load on Reels due to certain settings on your Instagram profile. Log in to your account, click on the icon with three horizontal lines and select the “Settings and privacy” Next, find the menu “Data Usage and Media Quality” In the window that appears, find the parameter “Download in the highest quality” The switch must be set to “Included

How to Improve Video Quality on Reels Instagram

How to Improve Video Quality on Reels Instagram

This will show that the function is activated. Otherwise, videos in Reels will be loaded “lightweight,” which will speed up their processing, but at the cost of deteriorating picture quality.

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