How to improve sleep with Apple Watch. Personal experience

We spend a significant part of our lives in sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to properly monitor its quality. Fortunately, in the modern world there are a huge number of different fitness trackers and smart watches that can help in this difficult task for quite reasonable money. In such a situation, it is important that such a device can work for a long time without recharging and immediately determine all phases of sleep. In this scenario, you will be able to get the most detailed analysis and take the necessary measures. After watchOS 9 release it became possible to do all this using the Apple Watch without using third-party software.

With Apple Watch, you can track your sleep phases and improve your rest. Even without updating to watchOS 9.


Once Apple Watch has collected all the information about your sleep for you, you can change your habits and achieve such a quality of sleep that even seven hours will be enough for you to properly rest. In this article, I talk about my experience of how the Apple Watch helped me significantly improve the quality of sleep.

Apple Watch hours

I used Apple Watch before watchOS 9 release, so I couldn’t check for myself how the watch monitors sleep using standard software. I had to use third-party sleep tracking applications, which I talked about in a separate article. They worked quite well and made it possible to draw a real picture of my night’s rest. But the first thing to think about before you start controlling your sleep is Apple Watch time.

Apple Watch hours.  Don't forget to charge your watch before going to bed.  A photo.

Don’t forget to charge your watch before going to bed.

I have always been a supporter of the biggest Apple watch, since they had a large battery installed and the operating time was proportionally longer than in the small version. In watchOS 9, all watches starting with the Apple Watch Series 4 have a normal power-saving mode that allows you to use their main functions. If you use it, then you should not encounter the problem of unexpected discharge. But I did not have such an opportunity, so I had to change my habits.


If before I put Apple Watch to charge before bed and took them off in the morning, after deciding to track my sleep, I started charging them after coming home from work. By the time I went to bed, the watch was at 100% and I wore it at night. The charge was enough for me until the evening of the next day. Therefore, before starting experiments, keep this in mind.

How to set sleep on iPhone

You can track sleep without a watch, only using an iPhone. AT health app you can find a special section “Sleep”, which can automatically record the time of your sleep. To do this, you need to set up its schedule. You can do this in the following way:

How to set up sleep on iPhone.  Here you can also set an alarm according to the schedule.  A photo.

Here you can also set an alarm according to the schedule.

  • Open the Health app on your iPhone.
  • Select the “Overview” tab and find the “Sleep” section there.
  • Navigate to “Your Schedule” and click “Full Schedule & Options”.
  • In the “Full Schedule” section, set up which days, what time you plan to go to bed and what time to wake up. Here you can turn on the alarm.
  • If you need to set up different wake up or bedtime times on different days, click the “Add schedule” button.


After these settings, the iPhone will record the time when you stopped using it in the evening and when you started in the morning. This will be considered the actual time of going to bed and getting up. Unfortunately, there will be no sleep phases here, only time. But for many, this will be enough.

Sleep tracking on Apple Watch

In some situations, one sleep time will not be enough to somehow change your habits regarding nighttime rest. So we are here to help. Apple Watch. I must say right away that in a couple of nights it will not work to determine what you are doing wrong. In my case, the observations took three weeks, during which I accurately determined what and how affects my sleep:

Sleep tracking on Apple Watch.  Apple Watch will fill each stage with time, and you will only have to analyze it.  A photo.

Apple Watch will fill each stage with time, and you will only have to analyze it.

  • Change your bedtime every day to pinpoint exactly what time of your rest time deep sleep takes up most of your rest. It is during this phase of sleep that you rest the best. After that, you will understand exactly what time period is best for you to sleep.
  • After determining the best time to go to sleep change your meal times. Often, if you eat shortly before bedtime instead of deep sleep, you can get REM or basic sleep. By slightly shifting your nutrition in relation to sleep, you can further increase the time of deep sleep.
  • Check out how physical activity affects your sleep. It is possible that it would be better to shift sports and the gym to the morning or on weekends, so that by the time you go to bed, the body has time to go into a state of rest.


Sleep tracking on Apple Watch.  The data will appear on both the watch and the iPhone.  A photo.

The data will appear on both the watch and the iPhone.

With the help of these three principles, I discovered a pattern that it makes no sense for me personally to go to bed between 22:00 and 23:00, since at that time I always received fast sleepwhich is characterized by high brain activity. And he practically does not give any strength. Therefore, I go to bed at about 23:00, a maximum of plus 30 minutes. Eating after 20:00 had a negative effect on sleep, so tea and other snacks had to be abandoned. Plus, the gym also had to be shifted an hour earlier.

If earlier I came home, took a uniform and went to training, then after measuring, I realized that classes must be completed no later than 21:00. Therefore, it makes sense to go to it immediately after work. Otherwise, the body was in an overexcited state, and deep sleep came much later. As a result, after a little observation, I manage to get enough sleep without any problems, and my health has become much better. I advise all Apple Watch owners to observe their habits and work out the ideal schedule for their body. You will immediately appreciate how much benefit you have brought Apple Watch.