How to get a refund for your OuiGo train ticket

OuiGo train tickets have attractive prices, but are not refundable. What should you do if you still want to cancel a OuiGo trip? There is a trick to selling your ticket and hoping to get a refund (in vouchers).

In 2024, the government has promised to freeze train prices, but only the cheapest. On the TGV side, only OuiGo trains will be affected. These trains, recognizable in stations by their pink and blue colors, are a low-cost version of the TGV inOui, with tickets sold less expensively and optional paid services (choice of seat, access to Wi-Fi, electrical outlet).


In return for the more attractive prices of OuiGo trains, it is also not possible to cancel or get a refund for this type of ticket (as you can easily do with a TGV inOui ticket). “ OuiGo tickets are neither cancelable nor refundable regardless of the reason for non-use of your tickets. “, indicates the OuiGo website. However, if you can no longer travel as planned, there is a not always well-known solution to hope to resell your OuiGo train ticket, and thus still be reimbursed, at least in part.

This does not happen in the SNCF Connect application, where you may have purchased the ticket. To do this, you must use a dedicated service, called Ouigoswap. It is also accessible in the OuiGo application.

How to put my OuiGo ticket on sale

Here are the steps to follow, in the application or on the OuiGo website:

  • Log in to your account or enter your reservation number and the email address with which you reserved the ticket,
  • In your reservation, under the trip summary, in “Modify my trip”, choose “ OUIGOSWAP: Suggest reselling my ticket “,
  • Check that this is the correct ticket, check the box (“Offer my one-way ticket for sale” if it is a single journey) then click on “ I release my ticket “.
How to redeem your OuiGo train ticket. // Source: OuiGo iOS screenshots
How to redeem your OuiGo train ticket, step by step. // Source: OuiGo iOS screenshots

An email will normally be sent to you to confirm that your ticket is back on sale. All that remains is to wait and cross your fingers! This is the limit of this tip: you cannot be sure of getting rid of the ticket, and therefore of being reimbursed. “ Your ticket will be offered for sale if the train you were traveling on becomes full », Specifies the OuiGo website. If your ticket is redeemed, its reimbursement takes the form of compensation in the form of a voucher, worth 80% of the amount of the initial ticket. The voucher is then valid for one year.


If you change your mind, and ultimately need to travel by OuiGo, it is possible to cancel the resale as long as the ticket has not been redeemed. In “Free my place and cancel my trip”, choose the option “ Cancel relisting “.

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