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The Xbox Showcase is fast approaching and we tell you all about one of the most anticipated conferences of the Summmer Game Fest 2023!Date, time, where to watch and expected games.

The Summer Game Fest 2023 is in full swing and after the big show on June 8, it will be Xbox’s turn to provide the show.The huge conference to come will last nearly two hours.Needless to say, this Xbox Showcase is highly anticipated as the announcements should be numerous.Whether they are exclusive revelations, or from third-party developers.

The fact is that Xbox is playing very big with this conference, which is going to act as a last chance for the brand.The exclusivities, repeatedly put forward when it came to selling Xbox Game Pass, have not given any sign of life for a while.And what little they’ve released so far has had a hard time convincing.The latest, Redfall, is a good example.So it’s now or never for Xbox to release the big game.

Where and when to watch the Xbox Showcase?

And that’s all we hope for!Xbox has already warned, this time there will be no false promises.Where last year the firm had assured that all the games presented would be released in the next 12 months, here this will not be the case.We aim high, we aim big, but we aim realistic.

We will see that very soon, since the Xbox Showcase will be held online on June 11 at 7 p.m. on the chains Youtube And Twitchofficial brand green.This XXL conference will be divided into two parts.A big hour and a half focused on everything Xbox has to offer in the coming months and years, and a half hour specially dedicated to Starfield, the next big RPG from Bethesda.A show that promises to be rhythmic if we are to believe the rumors and the expected games.In any case, Xbox intends to put the package.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get their money’s worth

Do not miss it, it’s a bit the niche of this Xbox Showcase.Microsoft has the door wide open.Especially since with its competitor, the latest PlayStation Showcase did not make as many waves as expected.And this, despite very big announcements.Xbox therefore has all the lights on green to showcase its ecosystem.We are also expecting many games announced day one in the Xbox Game Pass and even a highlighting of the latter with in particular the presentation of its Friends & Family formula.

An offer that allows you to share a single subscription with several people and at a lower cost.A formula that promises to be economical and advantageous, but which has not yet shown the tip of its nose here and in the United States.Needless to say, this offer should certainly attract new subscribers.
The catalog of games meanwhile, is renewed every month with new titles from all walks of life.On the other hand, as said above, for some time, Xbox has been struggling to convince with these exclusives.That’s also why this Xbox Showcase is so important.

Exclusives that are long overdue

To say that Xbox is highly anticipated by its outcasts is an understatement.The latter are still very numerous to come, but few have shown themselves lately.Among the games whose existence is confirmed, we expect in particular news from titles like Forza Motorsport, or Hellblade 2. Games announced for a long time now, but still stingy with information.However, both are expected this year.

Teased titles, of which we do not yet know much, such as the IndianaJones from Bethesda or Avowed from Obsidian.Apps that could also create a surprise with attractive gameplay or additional information.Xbox has also claimed that none of its trailers will only be in CGI.The gameplay will be the center of attention.But mostly it’s the huge surprises that everyone hopes to see.

Fable 4 and Gears 6 could break everything on Xbox Series

A certain Fable 4, for example, is anticipated and has been widely teased in recent weeks, although some are still trying to say that it will not be present.Chances are this highly anticipated RPG will show up at this Xbox Showcase.And on his own, he would manage to create the event.

Another strong and long-awaited license, Gears of War which could come here with Gears 6, an episode of which we know absolutely nothing at the moment.However, the Xbox Series has not yet had the right to its home episode, and Gears 5 now begins to date.It would therefore be the right time for the brand to pull out all the stops.Of course, these are just some of the games that could be shown during the Xbox Showcase.Other titles can, and certainly will, come to the fore like State of Decay 3, a regular at conferences, The Outer Worlds 2, Everwild and more.Just as already released games will certainly come to talk about their next content like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 or Sea of ​​Thievesthe star service games of the Xbox team.

Very large third-party games will also be present

But in addition to exclusives, Xbox should honor games from third-party developers and some partnerships in stride.Hard to miss lately, but the merger of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, even if the takeover has not been validated, is undeniable.This is why we put a big coin on the presence of call of duty during this Xbox Showcase.The episode of 2023, Modern Warfare 3, of which we know both everything and nothing, has not yet shown itself to the public.Rather strange, while the latter is supposed to see the light of day at the end of the year.During Geoff Keighley’s show, the license was content to talk about Warzone and the next season of the FPS.Which is all the same much less attractive.

Another tight-knit partnership that is expected to make waves at the conference is the Microsoft-Altus marriage.In its desire to seduce Japanese gamers, Xbox is doubling its efforts.Last year, he announced the arrival of all Persona games on Xbox and a merger with Altus.A small union that will once again shine here.Yes, since Persona 3 Remake is a brand new game personas 5 should be presented at the event.In fact, there is no longer even any doubt about it.The two games have, in fact, been the victims of a big leak recently.And it is Altus himself who is the cause.

Finally, the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Phantom Liberty, should also be part of it.Absent from the evening of June 8, it would be very strange if the game did not show up before the end of the festivities.What’s better than the Xbox Showcase?The rest is quite mysterious.The independent scene should also make us eyes with a few little nuggets.Some should even arrive as soon as they are released on the Xbox Game Pass.Moreover, fans are desperately waiting to see Silksong return, postponed until next year, which finally only shows up during the Xbox and Nintendo conferences.Do we ever know.

And you, what do you expect from this Xbox Showcase?