How to fix safe mode – but keep the network

Environment Safe Mode in Windows is one of the best ways to diagnose and repair problems that prevent the operating system from loading properly or even from loading at all. But sometimes safe network mode can be even more useful than usual.

Normal Safe Mode Windows starts with only a few core services and drivers to avoid as many problems as possible. But it also means that you do not have access to the network or the internet. In safe mode with networking, only a few services are also started, but also some network components, which provides the opportunity for troubleshooting, for example via the network. However, this only applies to wired networks, not wifi.

We show you how to select this mode if Windows is still working, but you can also start your computer with a Windows installation USB (downloaded here) and select Repair your computer on the second screen. Then you can continue with step 2 below.

1. Restart

In Windows, click Startbutton. Then hold down Shiftkey while you first click On off and then Restart. Wait for the reboot.

Safe mode

2. Troubleshooting

You are greeted by a blue screen with three choices. click Troubleshooting (or use the arrows on the keyboard and Return). On the next screen, select Advanced options.

Safe mode

3. Initial settings

Another screen appears, with six options. Select Initial settings. On the next screen, click Restart. Wait for another reboot.

Safe mode

4. Safe

Now you are faced with a whole range of useful options. What we want right now is Enable safe mode with networking features, then press the number 5 on the keyboard.