How to find a person on WhatsApp on iPhone

There is a feeling that the developers of WhatsApp in 2023 are working almost around the clock! Most recently, the messenger introduced the ability to edit sent messages, and a couple of days later, a new feature was found in the fresh beta version! True, you have probably already seen this everywhere you can, including Telegram: we are talking about short usernames in the profile settings. This means that we are waiting for the next big whatsapp updatebut no one knows when it will be released. Let’s see if they can help short names on whatsapp search for users faster and the easiest way to do it right now.

We tell you how to find and add a person on WhatsApp in different ways


Is it possible to find a person on WhatsApp without a phone number

Another whatsapp innovation on the way: the messenger will add the ability to create unique user nicknames in the profile settings, but now you should not check your application – there is still only a first and last name. It’s just that you can’t find a person with it, so this small improvement will simplify the task.

Is it possible to find a person on WhatsApp without a phone number.  Nicknames will appear in WhatsApp for quick search!  Photo.

Nicknames will appear in WhatsApp for quick search!

Unique nickname on whatsapp you will need to come up with it yourself, it can only contain Latin letters. Thanks to this, it is possible send username on whatsapp to another person so that they can find you faster without revealing your phone number.

The innovation was discovered in the beta version of the application, so initially Nicknames on WhatsApp will appear for smartphones on Android, and only then for iOS. At the same time, the possibility search users on whatsapp there is now – let’s remember how it’s done.

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How to find a person on WhatsApp

If the user is already in your contact list, but you did not start with him chat on whatsappthen it won’t be hard to find it.

It will be a little easier search whatsapp number through the menu for creating a new chat – this button partly duplicates the search string.

How to quickly add a contact on WhatsApp

Many users are accustomed to add number to whatsapp – the process is quite long: first you need to put the number into the iPhone’s memory, then save it, and only then go into the messenger and find it. In fact, everything is much simpler – just scan the QR code.

You can add a person in this way, even if he is far away. Just ask him to send you whatsapp qr code screenshot, and then scan it by selecting from the list of photos at the bottom of the screen. The system will instantly transfer to a chat with the user!

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Is it possible to write on WhatsApp without adding a number

WhatsApp still does not have a function thanks to which it would be possible to write to a person without adding him to your contact list. However, there are various workarounds, the simplest of which is “Direct Connection”. It works very simply.

Another way write in whatsapp without adding number – iPhone exclusive. It is even more convenient than if the feature was built into WhatsApp.

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But instead of adding it to the desktop, I recommend making a more cunning move, thanks to which sending messages to WhatsApp will become more convenient.


After that, just double-tap the back of the iPhone to unlock the screen – a window will appear on top where you will need to enter a phone number. You will instantly be transferred to a chat with him, even if he was not added to Contacts!