How to decrypt an encrypted cache

Where to find an encrypted cache?

Actually, opening and finding an encrypted cache in The First Descendant is not too complicated once you understand what it is. The problem is that it is not very intuitive in the game, and it is true that we do not guess right away what it is, or how to open it. The encrypted caches are roughly a chest with rewards, but they blend in quite well with the decor.

To find them, you need to use the Opsid Analysis, in other words your scan. You can do this with the Tab key on PC, R3 on PlayStation, RS on Xbox. This allows you to see what's around you. But also to activate a scanner symbolized by an audio signal: listen carefully, you will hear a beep (or not) if an encrypted cache is nearby.


To find one, it's simple, it's the game of “you heat, you cool”. A hot/cold depending on your proximity and your direction: if you are in the right direction, a beep will sound. And the closer you are, the stronger this signal will be. Once next to a crypt, use the Opsid Analysis to reveal its location (or rather, activate the cache).

How to decrypt an encrypted cache?

Once in front of the cache, simply interact with it. This requires a resource (a precise code analyzer or an ultra-precise code analyzer). There are two types of caches, precise and ultra-precise encrypted caches, requiring a different resource depending on its rarity.

The first descendant cache cryptee qte 3


Start the decryption, which will send you to a menu where you will have to perform a small sequence of QTEs. You have to press the right key/button with the right timing. Depending on the cache, there may be one, two or more QTEs to perform. It remains quite simple if you pay attention to the timing. Once decrypted, the cache grants you various rewards, including resources or components for your craft and Legatee research.

Where to find code analyzers?

Precise code analysis the first descendant 4

If you don't have a code analyzer to decrypt a cache, you should know that these are resources that can be found very easily:

  • THE Accurate Code Analyzers are obtained in Normal Mode
  • THE Ultra-precise code analyzers are obtained in Hard mode