How to create a virtual Tinkoff card on iPhone and why you need it

After disabling Apple Pay and removing banking apps from the App Store, for many, the iPhone has become less functional. If earlier you did not need a plastic card to pay for purchases, now you definitely cannot do without it. However, you still need to monitor your funds in order to avoid unnecessary write-offs – this will help you virtual card. It may seem that without Apple Pay it makes no sense, but it is not: an alternative to plastic will always help you out and protect the money in your account. Let’s talk about how fast make a virtual Tinkoff card and what it is for.

We tell you how to make a virtual Tinkoff card and why you need it


Doubly useful virtual map Mir from Tinkoffif you have an Android smartphone at hand: you can easily add to Mir Pay to pay by phone – we talked about this in our material. However, even if you only have an iPhone, it will still be useful.

How to make a virtual Tinkoff card

After Mastercard and Visa left Russia, many customers still have bank cards from these payment systems. They still work in our country, but, you see, the Mir card is clearly more useful, at least due to various bonuses when paying for goods and services. Also, if you accidentally lost your old plastic, you can lock it from the app and create a virtual world mapsecuring hard-earned money.

How to make a virtual Tinkoff card.  The virtual card has the same functions as the plastic one.  Photo.

The virtual card has the same functions as the plastic one

The map will appear in the application within a minute: you can distinguish it using the design of your choice and the cloud icon. If you wish, you can change the appearance, view the details or change the PIN code.

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How to create a virtual Tinkoff credit card

Personally, I use a Tinkoff credit card more often than a debit one, but last year apply for a virtual card it was a little more difficult. Now the process has been simplified, so you can easily do it through the Tinkoff app.

Ready! Now the new map will appear in your application. If for some reason create a virtual Tinkoff credit card if it didn’t work out for you, you can write to support, where they will quickly issue it for you. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to call an operator, so I recommend starting a conversation by sending the “Call a person” command. During checkout, do not forget to specify that you have turned off notifications about transactions.

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Why you need a virtual Tinkoff card

Apart from the fact that virtual card can be connected to Mir Pay on Android, it is also useful on iPhone. For example, when paying for purchases with a Tinkoff Mir credit card, up to 30% of the amount is now returned in rubles, which are credited to the account within 5-7 days. On old Mastercard and Visa cards, users receive only the usual cashback once a month. By the way, you don’t need to close it: you can issue a virtual card to the current account. Here are a few more advantages to start it right now.

Why do you need a virtual Tinkoff card.  You can create a virtual Mir card to an existing account to start cashback.  Photo.

You can create a virtual Mir card to an existing account to start cashback

  • The card is safe. You can pay with it on the Internet if you do not want to enter the data of the main card. By the way, they will not be recognized without your knowledge, since they are only in the application.
  • Virtual Tinkoff World allows you to withdraw money from an ATM or transfer it to another user.
  • You can use it to subscribe to services: just set a limit and provide data so that you do not accidentally write off money.
  • Can make a virtual card for yourselfand give plastic to relatives if they need it more.
  • You cannot lose a virtual card. But even if your iPhone is stolen, you won’t be able to use it, since the entrance to the Tinkoff application is reliably protected by Touch ID or Face ID.


You can create a card only if you have a plastic one. If you don’t have it, then now is the time to do it: new users are just given free service forever! You will be able to get a card in a couple of days and immediately create a virtual one.