Hope for release in 2023 – “There is no universe in which this happens”

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Von: Philip Hansen

In 2023 Rockstar reports with news. Suddenly the question of the release of GTA 6 is up to date again – but the answer is shocking.

New York – A few fans still believe in the imminent release of GTA 6. But even hardcore fans of Grand Theft Auto have now arrived in reality. After Rockstar Games suddenly became active itself in 2023, the first trailer should already be within reach. There is a leak and a date that many believe in.

title of the game Grand Theft Auto VI (not yet confirmed)
Release (date of first publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
developer studio Rockstar North
platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (not yet confirmed)
Genre Open-World, Action

Fan does not give up and asks the 10-year-old question about the GTA 6 release – the answer is destructive

The Desperate GTA 6 Question: The hit GTA 5 is now 10 years old and there has only been speculation about the eagerly awaited successor for ages. But then the mega leak to GTA 6 hit. In January 2023, cult developer Rockstar officially announced only one sentence and the world was upside down.

With GTA6 on everyone’s lips again, one fan asks the impossible R question we all know the answer to:

Is there even a small chance that GTA VI will be out later this year, maybe with a trailer later this month and release in December?

The answers in GTA-Reddit however, are surprising. Because even among the biggest fans of the open-world series, there is almost only one opinion about the release of GTA 6. But there should still be a tiny ray of hope.

Even hardcore fans give up: The answer to the release question was almost unanimous that GTA 6 was not expected in 2023. It is only asked, very slightly sarcastically, in which universe the impatient questioner lives.

  • “100% it (GTA 6) isn’t coming out this year.”
  • “Don’t be so desperate, at least we know for sure that they (Rockstar) are working on the game. I’m glad they take as much time as needed.”
  • “GTA 6 to be released this year: There isn’t a single universe where this happens.”

The commenters on Reddit used to be naïve, but now they are more honest with themselves. But even if the release is not supposed to take place in 2023, the first trailer for GTA 6 should be very close.

GTA 6: Even hardcore fans don’t expect the release in 2023 – but a trailer “must be in there”

First trailer for GTA 6 in 2023: Under the post on the release of GTA 6 there are several comments that firmly assume that the first trailer with moving video material for GTA 6 should come in 2023. The date for the gameplay trailer should even be fixed, because the Super Bowl on February 12, 2023 could be so far.

Fan nicely asks if GTA 6 is coming this year – “What universe are you living in?” © Christopher Michel/Rockstar Games/Reddit: u/Lord_Towelie (Montage)

The content of the first trailer was even said to be revealed: Leaker was already right about GTA 6 – now reveals 5 new details about the game and the trailer. The leaker previously ‘predicted’ that the protagonist in GTA 6 will be named Lucia and will be Latina, the info is now confirmed.

Recently, however, tech giant Microsoft has also been a topic of conversation. The company has already announced a release date for GTA 6. And if Microsoft has its way, fans won’t have to wait that long and will soon have an official answer to the release question.