Honor of Kings: Revolutionary Smartphone MOBA Promoting Fair Play and Healthy Tactics!

Tencent's global game brand, Level Infinite, is releasing a smartphone title called “Honor of Kings” will be released globally in countries around the world, including Japan, from Thursday, June 20, 2024.

The game is an app known in China as “Glory of the King”.It is one of the most well-known and popular in the e-sports scene.In the Chinese smartphone gaming world, when talking about MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), this game's name is undoubtedly one that comes to mind.


Inside,Honor of KingsAhead of the Japanese release of the game, players from all over the world have been competing against each other. In this article, we will be delivering a preview of this highly anticipated e-sports title.

*The screens shown are under development and do not represent the quality of the final version.

◆An orthodox MOBA with a super user-friendly design that allows anyone to make their debut!

“Honor of Kings” is,The most popular mobile MOBA in the worldIt is also famous for being a “Pay to Win” game. The biggest reason why it continues to be so popular among gamers is that it is not “Pay to Win”.“Game balance with an emphasis on fairness”and,“Operational structure with a user-first perspective”The latter aspect was something I immediately noticed when I started playing the game.

The tutorial starts as soon as you start the game. MOBA tutorials themselves are not particularly unusual, but an NPC will be by the player's side, guiding you step-by-step through the basics in a hands-on format. They're like a teacher.


The tutorial is so detailed that it seems to be aimed at players who have never played a MOBA before.It teaches you the basics of the game in great detail..

By the way, Honor of Kings does not have its own attack system or growth system. Therefore, even if you are a first-time MOBA player, I think you can get into the depths of various MOBA games with this extremely standard game.

The user-first aspect is not just the density of these tutorials.This is a popup warning that appears when you try to select a technical hero..

In Honor of Kings, from the time of global releaseNearly 80 playable characters will appearAmong them, there are heroes whose character designs are attractive but whose abilities are not suitable for beginners. However, with so many options, users tend to choose based on appearance alone without really understanding the options.

As a result, some players may end up regretting not being able to achieve the results they had hoped for, or may feel guilty about their final defeat.Consideration is given to displaying a pop-up warning in advance.

In addition, the game has a convenient function that provides in-game videos explaining the strengths and skills of each hero, etc. Thanks to this, you don't have to check social media or strategy sites from the beginning, and you can enjoy the battle based on the hints provided by the official site.

Moreover,“I still can't understand it after just watching a little bit of the video…”For players with concerns, the app is equipped with a battle simulation function. I was able to practice with the heroes to my heart's content.

For users who are unfamiliar with MOBAs, the genre of games may seem like a high hurdle. However, what you have to do is very simple: work together with your teammates to destroy the enemy team's “towers” and the “crystals” placed in their headquarters.

In the process, there are strategies against the enemy team, building elements to train heroes, and so on, and every match is a nail-biting battle. Unexpected tactics, unexpected actions, unexpected reversals, and other dramatic moments that arise during the match have made the e-sports scene even more exciting.

“Honor of Kings” is an essential part of any discussion of e-sports.“MOBA”So that everyone can enjoy it fairly,You can think of this as the definitive title that lets you experience the charm of the game from the very beginning..

◆ There are too many characters…! A selection of playable characters that will help you progress in your research

In fighting gamesNumber of charactersThis concept can undoubtedly be considered an important factor in determining the appeal of a game.

“Honor of Kings” includes the Chinese version,As of now, there are 105 heroes in the game.As mentioned above, more than 80 of these characters will be playable in the global release.It seems like it would be a lot of fun just to examine them..

In this preview playthrough, I tried out a variety of heroes without worrying about winning or losing. Here I'll introduce some of the heroes that caught my eye.


First“Athena”She is a well-balanced character overall, and she has some great moves, like attacking while holding a shield.“Offense and defense as one”He has a wide range of skills.

The most powerful skill is the passive skill. Even if you die, you don't restart from the base headquarters,With a spirit-like appearance, you can adjust your own resurrection position.Furthermore, when revived, it will deal area damage to surrounding enemies. Even if you die while fighting with your allies, you can return to the front line immediately after revival, so it was reassuring to have him on your side.

■ Mulan

“Mulan”was a high-difficulty character. I ignored the pop-up warning and chose this hero based on his appearance alone, but I have to admit that he was a tough character.

When she activates her third skill, she switches from her basic combat style dual swords to a giant heavy sword. This changes her skills and performance,I feel like I'm playing two roles.Dual swords are good at debuffing mobility and harassing enemies, while heavy swords are good at dealing heavy blows and attacking.He was a technical hero who skillfully switched between the two modes..

■ Angela

“Angela”is one of the initial characters that can be selected in the tutorial. As expected, being one of the starter three, he is very easy to use.A long-distance hero who fights from a short distance using fire magic..

The third skill can fire a high-powered beam, as well as a ranged attack called a fireball that is easy to hit the opponent with, and a flame vortex that has a slowing effect.It was a card that could easily contribute to a match with both its debuff effect and damage output.However, because they are weak against attacks, you will need to think about the distance between you and your teammates as you fight.

◆This is a must-see title that is sure to be a hit in Japan too. Catch up on the world of MOBAs here!

Honor of Kings“fun”I was able to feel that way.

This is not a compliment, but a way to find a hero you like from the vast selection of heroes and gradually refine your play style.I felt that the sense of involvement that is characteristic of a fighting game was very appealing..

In addition, there are a large number of characters implemented in this game, and each hero has their own uniqueCostumes with vastly different impressions are also available..

In addition,Overseas, IP collaborations with SNK characters, Hello Kitty, Saint Seiya, and other characters have been realized.So there are high expectations for future developments in Japan. As a player myself, I am also very excited.

The character skins that are unique to the collaboration are definitely one of the measures that will motivate players. I hope that such measures will be actively taken more and more.

Level Infinite is trying to further invigorate the current e-sports through “Honor of Kings”. In the future, we may see tie-ups with “Honor of Kings” in a wide range of fields, and I think there is even a possibility that it could create an explosive movement in some countries.

At one time, dark clouds seemed to hang over the e-sports business in Japan, but now it seems to be gradually picking up steam. The Japan e-Sports Union, a general incorporated association, has also been approved as an associate member of the JOC.It is expected that this will continue to spread and become established in the future..

With the eSports movement gaining momentum in Japan, the global release of Honor of Kings is a great opportunity for us to be part of the team.I have a feeling that this will be a tailwind in some sense..

Why not try out this world-class smartphone MOBA and immerse yourself in the unity of the times?