Homeworld 3’s space odyssey is pushed back 9 months

We hear Tears of Karan in the background

This was news that fans – and yours truly – had been dreading for a few months: Homeworld 3 will not be released this semester, as promised by Blackbird Interactive at the last Gamescom. Finally, we will have to wait the month of february 2024i.e. a new report relatively large 9 months.

In a dedicated FAQthe studio tries to reassure potential players worried by indicating that the project is in good health, but that extra development time is necessary for Homeworld 3 reach their full potential and be living up to the legacy of the license.

Whether certain factors which would explain such a delay have the potential to attract grudges, Blackbird will all the same anticipate them in its answers: the pace of work which has increased to 4 days a week last year had no negative impact on development, quite the contrary, while the proliferation of projects within the studios (between Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Crossfire: Legion and Minecraft: Legends) did not vampirize the resources allocated to Homeworld 3.

Likewise, the studio ensures that the ambitions of the STR spatial have not been downgraded, and all the promised features like co-op mode on a background of rogue-lite structure will be part of the game. And that the backers of the Fig campaign who pre-ordered their impressive collector’s edition are reassured: they are kept warm until February 2024 release.

It remains to be seen when we will be able to discover new info or gameplay imagesand there too the studio has planned the coup: Homeworld 3 will show up again this summerand Blackbird Interactive promises that the wait is worth it.