Hogwarts Legacy: Popping Balloons – This is how you solve Madam Kogawa’s task

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In Hogwarts Legacy you can find seemingly indestructible balloons at the castle and in Hogsmeade.We’ll show you what to do with them.

Hamburg – Whether you’re flying brooms, getting new potion ingredients, or using certain combos in battle, Hogwarts Legacy will always keep you busy with some homework.One of these quests also has to do with some weird balloons that you can find in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.They’re impervious to regular spells, so how do you properly pop them?We’ll tell you here in a nutshell how to do it.

title of the gameHogwarts Legacy
First publication dateFebruary 10, 2023
SerieHarry Potter
editorPortkey Games, Warner Bros. Games
platformsPC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
GenreOpen World, Action-Adventure

Hogwarts Legacy: Popping Balloons

This is the task: If you pass by the big Quidditch pitch or Hogsmeade train station you might have noticed the big balloons flying around.You will also quickly have noticed that you cannot simply destroy them with the usual magic.In fact, these balloons should not fall victim to your magic wand, but to your broomstick.


How to pop the balloons: The balloons in Hogwarts Legacy are part of a quest given by Madam Kogawa, the teacher who teaches you to fly the broom early in the game.As the game progresses, Kogawa will send you a letter with a quest to pop the balloons at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.To do this, you must rely on your flying skills.The aim of the task is to fly through all the balloons on the broomstick.

Hogwarts Legacy: Popping Balloons – Find the locations of the balloons here

You can find the balloons here: At each location for the task you will find five balloons that you have to pop.Just grab your broom and then fly through all the balloons, you don’t have to stick to any time limits or order.As long as all balloons burst, you will pass the task.Here you can see where you can find the balloons on the map.

Hogwarts Legacy: The localities of the balloons in the map

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If you have the little flight exercise behind you, you can look forward to a nice reward.Once you’ve gotten all the balloons, you can go see Madam Kogawa and talk to her.At the end of the quest she will give you the spell Ice teach.You’ll also find and pop more balloons throughout the rest of the game.This allows you to unlock new brooms for your character.

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