High Stakes: Sony and Microsoft’s Gamble on PS5 and Xbox Ends in Defeat

Every gamer can now buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X|S. It took Sony and Microsoft years to do this. Now hardware manufacturers have a new problem. There are too many consoles and too few customers.

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: Suddenly too many consoles

The time of console shortages is finally over. A PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S is now available on practically every corner. Sony and Microsoft may have it Upgrade request from gamers However, this is overestimated: the consoles are suddenly no longer selling fast enough.


A report from Businesstoday describes that both Sony and Microsoft have produced and stocked many consoles for the holiday season. However, the actual sales are then turned out to be lower than expected.

As a result, companies now have to reduce these inventories again. According to Businesstoday, Sony has ordered its suppliers to stop producing PlayStation consoles in the first quarter of the year One million consoles per month to reduce to 500,000 consoles. The Xbox Series X|S is hit even harder. Production of the console would even be stopped completely in the first quarter (source: Businesstoday).

PlayStation Portal also fails to impress in our test:

Sony and Microsoft miscalculated

However, Businesstoday's report also makes it clear that it's not just the gaming consoles that are weakening. PCs, notebooks and consumer electronics in general would also fall under one lower demand Suffer.


The reduced production of the PS5 and the production stop of the Xbox Series X|S is not a catastrophe in itself. However, the measures make it clear that Sony and Microsoft have gambled away. Now it remains to be seen whether the companies will desired sales goals can still comply. In the case of Microsoft, a big change may be coming anyway. There are rumors that Xbox games will also appear on the PS5.