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The community of wrestling fans impatiently awaits announcements every year regarding new video games that will allow them to live their passion virtually. WWE 2K24 is no exception to the rule, and the information around its roster and the ratings given to the superstars is already generating keen interest. The game has been officially announced, marking the continuation of a series loved by fans around the world.

This year once again, the timing chosen for the release of the game is judiciously linked to the flagship event of professional wrestling, Wrestlemania, offering players the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the WWE universe just at the key moment. Scheduled to be available on March 8, 2024 on platforms such as PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One And PC, WWE 2K24 promises significant improvements and additions. Players who have pre-ordered certain editions will even be able to start playing on March 5.


Discovery of the complete WWE 2k24 roster

One of the most anticipated aspects of WWE 2K24 is undoubtedly the roster reveal. WWE Superstars hold a central place in fans' hearts, and every announcement regarding playable characters is followed closely. This year, the list of confirmed participants promises a diverse and rich experience.

Already, emblematic names such as AJ Styles, Asuka, Brock LesnarAnd Charlotte Flair are confirmed within the game. The addition of legends like Andre The Giant and rising stars ensures a carefully balanced mix of past, present and future of wrestling. Even unique characters, such as Bad Bunny And Post Malone as DLC, enrich the range of choices offered to players.

AJ StylesN / A
Akira Tozawa68
Alba Fyre74
AsukaN / A

The notes, or ratings, assigned to each superstar are also a key element of anticipation and speculation among the community. They reflect the performances and current popularity of wrestlers within WWE, giving players a glimpse into each character's potential in the game.

New products and return of legends

The WWE 2K24 roster announcement also comes with excitement around new entries and the return of iconic legends. Characters like Muhammad Ali, although primarily known as a boxer, make an appearance in the game, highlighting the historical connections between boxing and wrestling. Their inclusion shows 2K's desire to diversify the gaming experience and enrich the content available to players.


In addition to these new features, WWE 2K24 promises to bring back many memorable moments through its showcase mode, allowing players to replay legendary matches from the history of Wrestlemania. This flashback to the defining moments of professional wrestling is a real boon for fans, offering them the opportunity to relive the history of their idols.

The legends of the ring, who have shaped past eras of WWE, are also an integral part of the game. Special contracts, called “Legend” contracts, allow the inclusion of these great figures, guaranteeing their presence in WWE 2K24. This approach strengthens the bond between generations of wrestling fans, providing a bridge between the past and present of sports entertainment.

Anticipated analysis of 2k's strategy for the future

Beyond the excitement surrounding the announcements for WWE 2K24, it's interesting to look at what these developments suggest in terms of future strategy for 2K. By constantly expanding the roster, including iconic figures from the past as well as current stars and even celebrities from other fields, 2K demonstrates a desire to embrace diversity and innovation.

By incorporating historical elements such as showcase mode, the game is not just a simple gaming experience; it becomes a celebration of wrestling history. This not only appeals to longtime fans but also educates newcomers about the cultural importance and prestige of WWE.

The collaboration between FIFA and 2K Sports for a revolutionary soccer game also shows 2K's openness to exploring new frontiers and merging diverse worlds of sports and entertainment, potentially paving the way for other unexpected collaborations.

Ultimately, the WWE 2K24 announcement and the information revealed so far point to a bright future for wrestling games. Through a combination of nostalgia, surprises and inclusion, WWE 2K24 looks set to offer fans a renewed and enriched experience, marking a new chapter in the WWE 2K games saga.