Hell Of An Office: Platform, Hell And Stapler

Hell Of An Office is a new game mixing platform and fast-FPS, unveiled in a trailer, and which should be released on March 14th. If, in the office, you happen to use your stapler as if it were a machine gun, perhaps this title will interest you. Indeed, in addition to going through the levels as quickly as possible, you can use your favorite office tool to perform rocket jumps, use it as a grappling hook or shoot at the scenery! Perhaps not as elaborate as Warstride Challenge, Hell Of An Office seems to offer some devious levels.

The game will arrive in Early Access on March 14 on Steam, where you can already add it to your wish list. No price has been communicated at this time. Note that, until then, another FPS will try to put you through administrative hell since Red Tape (Dread Xp) is scheduled for February 14, 2023.