Heavy discounts on the PS5 Slim with savings of up to 75 €, a 15 € gift card, or a bundled deal with Spider-Man 2 on offer.

(Deal of the day) The PlayStation 5 Slim benefits for the first time since its launch from a €75 promotion. Fnac even adds a €15 gift card for its members. And if you want to acquire the console with a game, the pack with Spider-Man 2 is also on sale.

What are these offers on the standard model PS5 Slim?

The PlayStation 5 Slim Standard with its disc player is normally sold at a price of €549.99. It is currently offered at several resellers with a reduction of €75:


The offers are available until February 25, 2024 and while stocks last.

What is the standard model of the PS5 Slim?

As with the first PS5, the PlayStation 5 Slim, released at the end of 2023, is available in two models: a digital edition without a disc reader and which only plays digital games, and a standard edition, with disc reader. This Slim version loses 30% in volume, but remains identical in terms of design and performance. The only notable change is that the storage is slightly increased and goes to 1 TB compared to 825 GB.

A big strong point of this fifth generation of PlayStation, the DualSense controller, included with the console, comes with many improvements. Even if overall the design follows in line with its predecessors, the adaptive triggers and haptic vibrations are some of the new features that would be difficult to do without today. The ergonomics are also improved, for one of the best controllers of this generation of consoles.

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Are these PS5 Slim deals worth it?

This is an unprecedented price for the Slim version of the Sony console, and therefore a very good deal. The savings allow you to purchase the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, scheduled for February 29, or several months of PlayStation Plus subscription. A Ps Plus Extra subscription at the price of €13.99 per month will allow you, for example, to play Final Fantasy VII Remake (to refresh your memory) or Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon Forbidden West. Several titles are also offered each month, enough to fuel many gaming evenings.


Finally, Spider-Man 2, exclusive to the Sony console, is an excellent entry point into this new PS5 era. This time you play two superheroes, Peter Parker and Miles Morales. After a few first hours of somewhat long play, the title from Insomniac Games finally finds a more sustained pace and combines moments of bravery worthy of the first opus. The thrill of swinging through the streets of New York is exhilarating, and the PS5 shows what it's capable of.

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