Hearthstone celebrates its 10th anniversary with the Year of Pegasus – Gamosaurus

Like every year, spring will be marked by the arrival of a new theme in the card game. If it is Pegasus who will be the representative, Hearthstone especially celebrating its 10th anniversary. And for the occasion, Blizzard is planning a nostalgic trip and some good surprises. Without forgetting the traditional annual expansions which will punctuate the life of the game in 2024.

Pegasus relives the first moments ofHearthstone

AlthoughHearthstone was released on March 11, 2014, the entire year of Pegasus will be punctuated by the celebration of this anniversary. For this, the fundamental set changes to integrate the most iconic cards of the game. Leeroy Jenkins,
Trueheart Vigilante


or Burning Battle Ax

will be back. However, we must wait for the announcement of the first expansion to find out a little more about the set and its new features.

At the same time, when update 28.6 is deployed, 12 maps will be offered to players. A small gift in addition to that offered for the announcement of the next extension. This set of cards includes a gift for each class, as well as a special card featuring the innkeeper: Brassepierre.

Messy events

Obviously, these are not the only gifts to celebrate 10 years of Hearthstone. From February 27, hostilities begin with the introduction of a special rewards course. From February 27 to March 19, progress through the course to unlock the golden version of the birthday cards. And for the bravest, a special coin is available at the end. In addition, a special quest will appear on March 11 to unlock a commemorative card back.



At the same time, Unexpected mode will allow you to relive the story ofHearthstone through its extensions. On March 1, only heritage cards will be authorized. On March 2, it will be the turn of the first expansion, The Curse of Naxxramas to make his entrance. Then Goblins and Gnomes on March 3, and so on until the last expansion. The opportunity to take a little leap in time for a few days.

Finally, one last reward awaits players of World of Warcraft. This is a mount, the Flamboyant Deckstrier, obtainable from March 11 to 18, 2024. To do this, simply connect to Hearthstone during this week to receive the in-game mount. Please note however, only the Retail version has access to this reward. Classic players won't be able to get their hands on it.