Having trouble with your PS5? A simple screw could be the solution

Your PS5 has eaten your disc and won't release it? Don't worry, a few smart people at Sony apparently saw this coming and thought of installing a small screw that will help you out in this case.

The PS5 disc is stuck, what to do?

If you have a PS5 version with drive It has the advantage that you can insert a disc and play with it. But it also carries the risk that the disc can get stuck in your drive.


If this should ever happen to you, Sony has taken precautions. Under the cover of the PS5, near the drive, there is a hidden screwwhich allows you to manually eject a disc.

Where do you find the hidden screw?

To get to this screw, first turn off your console and then remove all cables. remove the faceplate on the side where the expansion slot for the SSD is located.

If you don't know exactly how to remove the side panels of the PS5, our detailed guide will help you:

At the level of the drive you will find a small, round plastic coverwhich looks like a kind of button. It is also possible that you do not have the black cover, in which case you have got a newer model of the PS5.


If you pierce the cover with a Phillips screwdriver, you will reach the screw in question. Now you can remove the jammed disc extend manually by turning clockwise. Don't pull on the disc, just twist it until it almost falls out on its own. Once you've successfully freed the disc, you can reattach the side panel and connect your PS5.

This YouTube video shows in detail what each step looks like:

Caution: In the video, the black cover is broken through with a screwdriver. In the comments, several users confirm that it does not necessarily have to be destroyed, but can also be removed and then reinserted.

The hidden screw is a good idea from Sony. We have six more points that would make the PS5 even better: