Have you ever seen this Honda? It was born over 20 years ago, but it seems to come from the future

Have you ever seen this Honda? He’s over twenty, but he looks like he comes from the future. A motorcycle that perhaps most will be unknown. Still, its technical and graphic style really makes an impression.

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Honda has amply demonstrated in the course of its glorious history that it knows how to make truly one-of-a-kind vehicles. There is one that is “old” for over twenty years, but that perhaps not everyone knows and that has some truly futuristic lines: let’s talk aboutHonda Elysium 750 presented at Tokyo Motor Show in 2001. A vehicle that, just looking at it, is really interesting. But before we focus on that, it’s a good idea to briefly relive the Honda brand’s extraordinary past.

Honda: story of a motoring legend with (few) rivals

Honda, an extraordinary company certified as such also by the numbers: it is a multinational that produces cars, motorcycles and that has also been involved for some time in research in the field of robotics. Producer of over 14 million engines, it is one of the top manufacturers globally and is also listed on the Tokyo, New York and many other stock exchanges worldwide.

But let’s not superficialize it, because Honda is much more than a “simple” result. It all started with its founder, Soichiro Honda, who changed the fortunes of his industry by mounting a simple small-displacement engine on a bicycle frame. He thus created a simple and inexpensive means of transport, ideal for the postwar period that was disastrous for Japanese companies and people.

Soon, the company produced many models of mopeds and motorcycles even outside the East and since the sixties. This, thanks to a winning campaign that lasted twelve years and launched in the American media it also permanently influenced the record production of that period.

A speed of thought and realization that allowed Honda to overcome the competition on two wheels, in a record that it still maintains today. Then, of course, cars, Formula One, the world championship. But what the brand has done in the motorcycle field is simply unique.

Honda Elysium 750, the futuristic concept: its characteristics

Let’s go back to the main topic we were talking about previously, that is the Honda Elysium 750. A concept shown in 2001 at the Tokyo Motor Show and which still today leaves critics, experts and two-wheel enthusiasts speechless. A futuristic mega scooter valid for any season in which we are ready to use it.

A prototype that launches Honda in the lead in the world of scooters for lines and ambitions, also thanks to a liquid-cooled four-stroke Flat 4 engine with a low center of gravity. The transmission instead features a new CVT gearbox (continuously variable like that of the Suzuki 650) and a shaft drive transmission.

Honda Elysium Concept (Web source) July 30, 2022 quattromania.it
Honda Elysium Concept (Web source)

Then we have a bit of Italy, at least from the point of view of the concept. In fact, Italian enthusiasts will remember the Benelli Adiva, a completely closed vehicle characterized by a convertible roof that folds down when the sun shines and can be repositioned in seconds for when the rain arrives.

Honda has taken this concept and made it actually better: an electric roof operated by a single switch, here is its ultimate realization. Inside, including a digital speedometer, a satellite navigation system and a rear view monitor display. It is only a concept, of course, but what ingenuity within Honda. And let’s talk about 2001 …

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