HandBrake 1.8.0 Now Utilizing GTK4 for Video Transcoding

Published release of a tool for multi-threaded transcoding of video files from one format to another – HandBrake 1.8.0. The program is available both in command line mode and as a GUI interface. The project code is written in C language (for Windows GUI implemented in .NET) and distributed by licensed under GPL. Binary assemblies prepared for Linux (Flatpack), macOS and Windows.

The program can transcode video from BluRay/DVD discs, copies of VIDEO_TS directories and any files whose format is supported by the libavformat and libavcodec libraries from FFmpeg. The output can be generated files in containers such as WebM, MP4 and MKV; AV1, H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, VP8, VP9 and Theora codecs can be used for video encoding, and AAC, MP3 for audio. , AC-3, Flac, Vorbis and Opus. Additional functions include: bitrate calculator, preview during encoding, image resizing and scaling, subtitle integrator, wide range of conversion profiles for specified types of mobile devices.


IN new issue:

  • The user interface has been transferred to the GTK4 library instead of GTK 3.
  • Added support for packaging VP9 and FLAC formats into an MP4 multimedia container.
  • Added support for video encoder in the format FFV1.
  • For the VP9 format, support for multi-pass encoding with constant quality (CQ, Constant Quality) has been implemented.
  • Added support for passing Dolby Vision metadata to the SVT-AV1 encoder.
  • Added Dolby TrueHD audio encoder.
  • For TrueHD and FLAC audio encoding formats, support for sampling frequencies of 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz has been added.
  • Improved selection of audio tracks.
  • Libraries have been updated, including FFmpeg 7.0, HarfBuzz 8.4.0, libdav1d 1.4.1, libjpeg-turbo 3.0.3, SVT-AV1 2.1.0, x264 164, x265 3.6.
  • The Linux version has updated icons, added support for recursive file scanning, and implemented the “–clear-queue” and “–auto-start-queue” options.
  • In the version for macOS, the design of the toolbar has been brought to the macOS style.
  • The Windows version uses .NET Desktop Runtime 8.0.x

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