Half-Life: Delta – Global mod for the original Half-Life, which has been in development for over 10 years announced

Half-Life: Delta announced

A new trailer for Half-Life: Delta, an amateur modification of the original Half-Life, has appeared online. The author of the mod announced this on the ModDB page.

Half-Life: Delta tells the story of technical engineer Nick Farrell, a member of the Delta complex, who became involved in the Black Mesa incident. The developer promises more than 30 maps, divided into four chapters, the atmosphere of a new complex, previously not presented in the series, as well as many new models and content, including weapons, sounds, textures and enemies. The trailer is accompanied by a remark that Half-Life: Delta will be released in early summer. The development of the mod has been going on since 2011.

Earlier a video appeared showing a mod No VR for Half-Life: Alyx. The mod will add the ability to complete the game without virtual reality helmets, but the release date is currently unknown.