GungHo’s 15-second TV commercial featuring VTuber Kazunari Ninomiya to air nationwide from November 22nd

GungHo Online Entertainment <3765> today (November 21st) released a new TV commercial “VTuber Kazunari Ninomiya” featuring Kazunari Ninomiya, the image character of “Puzzle & Dragons” (hereinafter referred to as “Puzzle and Dragons”). 15 seconds) will be broadcast nationwide from November 22nd.

The new TV commercial “VTuber Kazunari Ninomiya” is a story in which Mr. Ninomiya, who appeared as a 3DCG “VTuber”, performs a game commentary of “Puzzle & Dragons” to commemorate his debut and to introduce himself. Mr. Ninomiya, an avatar created by making full use of the latest motion capture technology, successfully performed the “3 cross eraser”, which is known as a highly difficult technique in “Puzzle & Dragons”, and created “Ujirupo ♪ Ujiru”. “Po♪” while uttering mysterious words, he performed a dance of joy.


Mr. Ninomiya is in charge of all movements as the “inside person” although his real face is not shown at all. Please pay attention to the vivid “likeness” that comes through from the avatar’s perfectly reproduced movements and quirks, as well as the serious play of Mr. Ninomiya, who professes to be a fan of “Puzzle & Dragons.”

■CM overview

Title: “VTuber Kazunari Ninomiya” edition (15 seconds)
Cast: Kazunari Ninomiya
Broadcast start date: Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Broadcast area: Nationwide
Video release URL:


■Concept and highlights

Puzzle and Dragons, which is loved by users of a wide range of generations, has had TV commercials for various series, such as Mr. Ninomiya’s debut in the Diet when he ran for office as a politician belonging to the Puzzle and Dragons Party, but this work is aimed at a younger generation. In order to deepen its appeal, we adopted a unique production where she debuted as a “VTuber”.

Even though the characters that appear on the screen are CG animations, in order to express the “realistic Ninomiya-likeness,” Ninomiya himself is in charge of all movements, including playing “Puzzle and Dragons,” from head to toe to fingertips. The film was filmed using state-of-the-art motion capture technology, with Ninomiya wearing a special capture suit equipped with a total of 77 markers (sensors) and performing while surrounded by 35 cameras. The character design for “VTuber Kazunari Ninomiya” was done by Yusuke Kozaki, an illustrator who also draws the monsters that appear in “Puzzle and Dragons,” and Mr. Ninomiya, who is the “inside person”, was also very happy, saying, “I’m so happy!” Although he looks like a cute animated character, he appears as an avatar that can be described as a “live copy”, as he reproduces Mr. Ninomiya’s movements and quirks down to the slightest movements and quirks.

In the commercial, Mr. Ninomiya (his avatar) tries to erase three crosses, which is a highly difficult technique that is not easy even with Mr. Ninomiya’s high skills. Ninomiya had to play the game countless times, and finally got the OK take. For the fast-talking game commentary, a script was created on the set to match the footage of the successful play and was recorded.

Although Ninomiya himself is not shown for even one second, look forward to the new commercial, where you can feel the “Ninomiya-likeness” that overflows from not only his avatar’s appearance and movements, but also his gameplay of “Puzzle and Dragons.”


“VTuber Kazunari Ninomiya” edition
Mr. Ninomiya, who became a 3DCG avatar, appeared in an abstract space that expressed the world view of Puzzle and Dragons. He announces to his fans that he has made his debut as a “VTuber” and declares that he will try the “3 cross eraser” technique, which is known to be extremely difficult in “Puzzle and Dragons.”


Mr. Ninomiya, who showed off with a smug look on his face that he is a huge Puzzle and Dragons fan, immediately began his specialty of playing games. Mr. Ninomiya moves the colorful drops with a touch pen that is invisible to the eye and smoothly forms a cross, successfully completing the “three cross erasing”.

Ninomiya explodes with joy with an action that brings to mind her contented face, and performs a dance while uttering mysterious words, “Ujirupo♪ Ujirupo♪.”

■Photography episode

◇“Puzzle and Dragons” image character 10th anniversary new series starts in a relaxed mood
It has been 10 years since he became the image character of “Puzzle and Dragons”, and Mr. Ninomiya, who has appeared in numerous commercials, has announced that this work will start a new series, and that he will appear as a “VTuber”. He appeared at the studio with the same relaxed expression as usual, without feeling pressured by the fact that his unique production was selected. There was also a scene where they chatted and had a lively conversation about Puzzle and Dragons during a preliminary meeting with the director. When Mr. Ninomiya heard that there was a scene where he danced “Ujirupo♪ Ujirupo♪” in the last scene, he looked puzzled and asked, “Ujirupo?”, but the director said, “We thought of it as an impressive keyword. “It’s a coined word,” he explained, and he was satisfied, and with a smile on his face, he went on standby for filming.

◇After completing the sensor adjustment work, we finally started shooting.Also seen increasing concentration with Air “Puzzle & Dragons”
Mr. Ninomiya, who entered the shooting scene wearing a capture suit equipped with a total of 77 markers from the top of his head to the tips of his feet and fingers, looked at the 35 cameras surrounding him with great interest. He was looking at me with that expression on his face. When the calibration (sensor adjustment work) to improve the accuracy of motion capture begins, she stands in front of the camera and spreads her arms, rotates her ankles, and sometimes repeats radio calisthenics-like movements as she prepares for the shoot. went. After the calibration, which took about an hour, was completed and the set change for the actual shooting began, Mr. Ninomiya moved his fingers smoothly and said, “I wonder if I can erase three crosses…”, trying to concentrate while playing Puzzle and Dragons. was increasing.


◇In addition to the highly difficult techniques, the “time limit” adds pressure. “If there’s a scene where I fail, I can shoot it right away (lol)”
Standing in front of the smartphone placed on the stand, the challenge to erase three crosses finally begins. Despite the difficulty of the technique, Mr. Ninomiya had to complete it within a limited time to match the commercial, and when faced with a time limit, he said, “It’s annoying, isn’t it (lol)?” He looked like he was enjoying the challenging shoot. “I think I can take a scene where I fail right away (lol),” said Mr. Ninomiya, making those around him laugh as he began to warm up his fingers while playing Puzzle and Dragons on the monitor. I’m very curious about the avatar. He moved his body slightly while looking at the monitor, enjoying the “co-starring” experience with the avatar, which was completely in sync with himself.

◇ Succeeded smoothly until “two cross erasers”.Mr. Ninomiya also struggles with the “three” walls that stand in his way.
In order to take on the challenge of “erasing three crosses,” Mr. Ninomiya first tried “erasing two crosses.” “First of all, I just need to put two together, so I’ll just have to try!” He starts playing, and with his brilliant finger movements, he succeeds on the third try. He also seemed to feel a sense of accomplishment, saying, “Maybe I could have assembled (three) now…” After that, Mr. Ninomiya continued to play Puzzle and Dragons even during standby, saying, “I have no choice but to practice!” However, the hurdle of “erasing three crosses” was higher than expected, and he was unable to film. Difficult. There was also a scene in which he was anguished and wondered, “Why am I being made to do such a difficult thing!?”


◇After countless challenges, he succeeded in erasing three crosses. “The face of a man who has done everything”
Not only the skill of the player, but also the “luck” of the board (placement of drops) at the beginning of the play will affect success or not, so I was determined that “I have no choice but to shoot as many as I can”, and stood in front of the camera. Mr. Ninomiya continues to play “Puzzle & Dragons”. Meanwhile, Mr. Ninomiya’s intuition and technique were at the start of the play, muttering to himself, “Is this a good board?”, and he was able to successfully erase 3 crosses! When Mr. Ninomiya gave an emotional fist pump and said, “I did it!”, the studio erupted in applause. Mr. Ninomiya praised himself and said, “If you try, you can do it!” The scene where he danced with joy, saying “Ujirupo♪ Ujirupo♪” was completed smoothly, and he left the studio with the face of a man who had completed his work.

■Performer interview

――Please tell us your impressions of appearing in the new Puzzle and Dragons TV commercial as a “VTuber” for the first time.

Mr. Ninomiya: “The setting is the same as a full CG movie, and I was impressed by how detailed the motion capture (markers) were.” How do people who are called “VTubers” (film)? I don’t know if it’s done or not, but I was surprised because the filming for this commercial was really like a movie.”

–There were 35 cameras installed in the studio and 77 markers attached to Ninomiya’s body.

Mr. Ninomiya: “That’s right. There were 35 cameras… I see, in various places. When there’s a lag (between your movements and the image), it’s difficult to move or grasp the image, but the lag goes all the way to your fingertips. I was glad that I was able to do what the director wanted me to do right here.”


–It seems that Ninomiya-san’s avatar will be created by the same illustrator who created the Puzzle and Dragons characters.

Mr. Ninomiya: “That’s right! Wow…I didn’t know! Why didn’t you tell me first? (lol). It makes you so excited. You say it after it’s over (lol). Then maybe… so do I. However, when Puzzle and Dragons fans saw this commercial, they might have thought, “Huh? Maybe?” Oh, that’s right, I didn’t know that. I’m so happy!

–If you have the opportunity to continue working as a VTuber, what would you like to do?

Mr. Ninomiya: “If you’re a normal VTuber, you don’t have to worry about how you look, and I think you can become that character, or you can play a character that’s completely different from your own. It’s not a stress reliever, but it turns on a different kind of switch and I think you’ll find it interesting.”

–What do you think about the fact that the actual Ninomiya-san does not appear and only her avatar appears as a VTuber?

Mr. Ninomiya: “There are so many works (in which I don’t appear).I’ve always done it in movies…That’s why it didn’t take long to shoot this commercial…I don’t think it was that hard.” In earlier times, (the filming process) would have been complicated, or even more difficult, so I was moved and thought, “Is this okay?” .It made me realize that we are evolving every day.”

――Mr. Ninomiya is known for his long history with Puzzle and Dragons, but how much have you been playing lately?

Mr. Ninomiya: “I don’t have a concept of “how long”. But I do it when I have free time. I have a lot of free time than I expected… It’s like traveling, but it’s also waiting time at the site, and the ultimate thing is Puzzle and Dragons. I’m playing Puzzle and Dragons while doing commercials (shooting) (lol). No matter how long you ask me, I’ve been playing it for so long that it’s hard to explain. It’s really a part of my life, and I also play it at work. That’s it. I upload them to YouTube, and even when I can’t do it myself, I watch famous streamers and watch character introductions and short reviews.It’s not just fun to play, but it’s fun to watch, so Puzzle & Dragons is like a person who’s nearby. “Isn’t it?”


――You have also tried the highly difficult “three cross erasers” and fast-talking commentary, but please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future.

Mr. Ninomiya: “Puzzle & Dragons has various stages, but within those stages there is a “Ranking Dungeon” where all users compete for rankings for a limited time…but I’m still only playing the “Ninomiya Cup”… I haven’t. Mr. GungHo might not have noticed (lol). I’ve been thinking about playing the Ninomiya Cup. I’d like to play the Ninomiya Cup, which can only be done for a limited time in the ranking dungeon…every user’s dream. That’s right, a crown with my name on it (lol).I don’t want to say it right away, but I’d really like to consult with everyone before making a decision, and if I can do it…I’d like to try it.”

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