GTA Online: Bonuses in data leaks, agency discounts and more

Not only is the European Football Championship practically here, the new content week in GTA Online is also starting. All kinds of bonuses and discounts await you!


Rockstar Games has launched the new content week in the long-running GTA Online and is once again offering a number of bonuses and discounts in the online part of the action hit GTA V. If you find Dr. Dre's stolen music this week, you can earn extra rewards in the form of double GTA$ and RP in “The Data Leaks”. There is also a doubling of this kind for the short trips.

A new weekly challenge also awaits you: Those who complete the finale of The Contract “Don't Mess with Dre” will receive GTA$ 100,000 as a bonus.

News from the vehicle front in this content week:


  • In the showroom of Premium Deluxe Motorsport: Lampadati Michelli GT (classic, 40% discount), Grotti GT500 (classic), Canis Seminole Frontier (SUV), Pfister Comet (sports car), Dinka Akuma (motorcycle)

  • In the showroom of Luxury Autos: Declasse Impaler LX (muscle car), Vapid Dominator GT (muscle car)

  • The HSW premium test vehicle: The Übermacht Sentinel XS (Coupé)

  • The prize vehicle in the LS Car Meet: Win five races in the LS Car Meet series and receive a Pfister Comet Safari (sports car)

  • The test vehicles in the LS Car Meet: Pfister Comet SR (sports car, 40% discount), Grotti Cheetah (super sports car, 40% discount), Pegassi Torero (classic, 40% discount)

  • The main prize on the wheel of fortune: The Declasse Drift Tampa (sports car)

This week’s discounts at a glance:

  • 30% discount on agency offices and related improvements and adjustments

  • Vehicle discounts:
    40% off the Karin Hotring Everon (sports car) and the Declasse Tahoma Coupé (muscle car), the Classique Broadway (muscle car), the Vapid Taxi (company car), the Zirconium Journey II (mobile home), the BF Surfer Custom (mobile home), the Pfister Comet SR (sports car), the Pegassi Torero (classic), the Grotti Cheetah (super sports car), the Vapid Dominator GTX (muscle car), the Declasse Hotring Sabre (sports car) and the Lampadati Michelli GT (classic)

  • Discounts on weapons transport:
    40% discount on the double-barreled shotgun and (only with GTA+) 30% on the tactical MP

  • For GTA+ members: An additional monthly bonus of GTA$1,000,000 until August, a free Bravado Greenwood (muscle car), a Vespucci Beach T-shirt and flip-flops, as well as 2x GTA$ and RP for security jobs and short trips (this week even 4x) and more

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