Groq acquires Definitive Intelligence to elevate its cloud platform to new heights

The Californian company Groq makes its second acquisition by taking over the start-up Definitive Intelligence, based in Palo Alto, two years after the acquisition of Maxeler Technologies. Founded in 2022 by Gavin Sherry and Sunny Madra, Definitive Intelligence offers a range of artificial intelligence solutions – including chatbots, data analysis and documentation creation tools – for businesses.

If the amount of the operation has not been communicated, remember that Definitive Intelligence had raised no less than $25.5 million in venture capital since its creation in 2022.


An alternative to Nvidia GPUs

Groq is known for its GroqChip processors, which it defines as “Language Processing Units” or LPUs. These are accelerators specialized in natural language processing. Founded in 2016, the start-up reached unicorn status in just a few years. Today, through this acquisition, it once again shows its ambition to expand its portfolio and compete with major players like Nvidia.

Groq's chips are engraved in 14 nm by GlobalFoundries, but want to compete with Nvidia GPUs by adopting a simplified architecture whose flexibility relies on software. Performance-wise, this “LPU” has demonstrated that it can run large language models of 70 billion parameters at a record speed of more than 100 tokens per second.

GroqCloud, a cloud platform to expand access to LPUs

In parallel with this acquisition, the company is launching a new business unit in order to increase access to its technologies among developers. “The Definitive Intelligence team has already worked closely with Groq to build GroqCloud, a new developer playground with fully integrated documentation, code samples and self-service access, which is available today 'today', specifies the company in a communicated.

To ensure the smooth running of this unit, Groq has placed Sunny Madra at its head, who is none other than the co-founder and CEO of Definitive Intelligence. In detail, GroqCloud facilitates access to LPUs through a ready-to-use platform, rather than requiring the purchase and implementation of the chips. The service was initially launched with restricted access on February 19, and is now accessible via an API.


Conquer the public sector

Beyond this GroqCloud unit, the Californian has created Groq Systems, a business unit which will focus on conquering other markets such as the public sector. For Jonathan Ross, CEO and founder of Groq, the separation of GroqCloud and Groq Systems into two distinct divisions should allow the company “to continue to innovate rapidly, accelerate inference, and take the lead in the AI ​​chip race.”

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