Green Pass e smart working: UK come l’Italia

A remodeling of the Green Pass with the addition of new restrictions, the mandatory use of the mask in indoor places and the adoption of smart working where possible, to prevent the virus from running between office desks. The strategy that the UK intends to field to stem the fourth wave of infections and the advance of the Omicron variant is very similar to the line dictated by Italy some time ago.

The UK’s anti-COVID recipe

Beyond the Channel, Boris Johnson and his people find themselves having to decide how to counter this delicate phase of the pandemic in a political context that is certainly not calm, after the Mirror announced the Christmas party organized last year in Downing Street, precisely in the days when the British population he found himself having to deal with the limitations imposed from above. A scandal that led to the immediate resignation of the consultant Allegra Stratton (protagonist of one of the leaked videos), with a part of public opinion now also asking for the head of the premier.

According to what is learned from the official numbers, in the territory UK Over 50,000 new cases of COVID-19 positive are being registered every day. 81% of the population over 12 have completed the vaccination cycle (89% stopped at the first administration), while 37% have already undergone the booster dose.

Staying on the subject, only about ten days ago there European Commission he suggested strengthening coordination between countries as regards the management of movements within the old continent, starting with a harmonization of the measures imposed.

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