Grand Theft Auto V: New expansion pack available in 2021!

It should be emphasized that the latest addition to GTA: Onlinethen finally DLC fictional. However, not exactly what the players were hoping for. Most fans have long been clamoring for an expansion for the mode single player. However, it is known where the money is. Rockstar he invests where he earns the most. AND Grand Theft Auto Online he is doing almost as well as he was a few years ago.

The plot of the add-on will look 15 years into the future and focus on the character of one of the heroes of the mode Single Player – black man Franklina clintona. After the adventures we know from Grand Theft Auto VFranklin decided to become a businessman. She opens an agency that deals with celebrity services. That explains the presence Dre Dre i Andersona .Paaka in production.

The premiere of the expansion is scheduled for December 15, 2021. We are very curious about the reception by the players. Or the recent mishaps related to the refreshing of the trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City i San Andreas Will impact how players will perceive the latest creation? We’ll see. If “The Contract“will be another clog, forcing the player to grind hours, we do not predict much success here. The presence of famous names may, however, attract players who have abandoned the online game.

Sam Rockstar does everything to constantly increase the number of people playing GTA V: Onlinee. Subscribers Playstation plus they receive 1 million virtual dollars every month for in-game expenses. Even considering the prices of the vehicles, this is quite an impressive amount. Surely saving a lot of going back and forth on business missions.

We look forward to the release of the add-on and we will be happy to sum up the comments of players who will be able to spend this year’s Christmas in the company Franklina clintona and its crew.

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