Government blocks a video game for “national security problems”

Unfortunately, something incredible has happened, in fact a game has been blocked by the government due to an alleged national security problem, the matter seems to be really complicated.

THE video games they have always been very far from politics and government, in fact, as we all know, video games are just a way to relax and pass the time. Unfortunately, however, it sometimes happens that we hear about video games in a way negative on the news or just come on politicians, something that seems to us to belong only to other states while it still happens today also in Italy.

What forced the government to act?

In fact, it happens more and more often to hear someone who blames video games for facts that have nothing to do with the gaming and which are often caused by other situations and variables related to family, mental illness or the context in which one lives. This time, however, things seem to have gotten out of hand at levels never seen before.

Government blocks PUBG over national security issue

For those who do not know him Player Uknown Battlegrounds, commonly said PUBG It is one of Battle Royal most famous and played ever, the predecessor is still very active title of the genre. Did you know that Fortnite has received more than a million new players thanks to Xbox? Here because!

government pubg india
PUBG also targeted by the government. (Source: Steam)

Even if it came out a few years ago now the title continues to be very popular, also thanks to the great developer support that continue to add content, gameplay mechanisms, events and maps.

The game however seems to have major problems from forever on India, where even if loved by the players, it has risked several times to bring to the debate room huge misunderstandings.

In fact his mobile version has been banned from stores across the country due to national security concerns. Apparently in fact according to the Indian government PUBG could steal user data because of its connection with Tencent, Chinese company leader in the mobile gaming market, as it seems that its privacy policies go against Indian regulations.

To date, even if PUBG could be re-released specifically for the Indian market without therefore having ties with Tencent, the government of India he does not want to step back by excluding the product from the market without the right to reply because of the fear that the game represents a national security problem. Instead, a famous video game has been hacked and now the passwords of many players could be in danger, even ours.

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