Google’s AI will soon create entire lists for you on your cell phone

Google Keep could get a powerful update in 2024. (Image: YummyBuum,


The Mountain View search engine giant is investing heavily in artificial intelligence, be it at the desktop level, within Google Search or in its mobile operating systems.

Apparently, the in-house note-taking app Google Keep will also be equipped with AI and will be able to do exactly this work with a “Help me create a list” button. Different types of lists should be possible, for example a shopping list for back to school.

Google Keep: Creating lists made easy

How 9to5Google reports, Google is working on integrating an AI with the prominent wording “Help me,” similar to the “Help me write” feature in Gmail.


As it says on the website, the AI ​​tool will probably initially be used as part of Workspace Labs published. Access will therefore (for now) be reserved for a group of testers.

Nonetheless, the tool in Keep obviously delivers very acceptable resultswhich can be useful as inspiration or starting point for a “neutral” list.

For example, AI can generate a back-to-school shopping list, create a to-do list for planning a 40th birthday, or put together a list of classic films for a rainy day.

Author Kyle Bradshaw also shares other ways Google’s AI can help create lists:

  • Grocery shopping for a vegetarian family of three
  • Packing list for a camping trip with children
  • Activities for a weekend trip to a city
  • Appetizers for a housewarming party
  • Relaxation routine to end the day
  • Comprehensive spring cleaning checklist

He also tested the feature with the “Steps to make excellent coffee” prompt, which led to a list of basic tips like filtered water.

However, the function is not yet completely error-free. When I created a shopping list for a pasta dish, the list contained duplicate entries.

If you are not satisfied with the list, you can try further, for example with other prompts. If the result is satisfactory, the note can be added to Google Keep using the corresponding “Insert” button.

As mentioned above, this is an early version of this feature. The website 9to5Google was able to activate and test the function via a detour.

There may still be (major) changes until the update is fully released. It remains to be seen when the new version will be released. But since it already seems to be working quite well, a release shouldn’t be too far away.