Google unveils Android 15 from its hiding place

A first preliminary version of Android 15 is available, but it is mainly aimed at developers. Google will present its new OS in more detail this spring during Google I/O 2024. By then, the features of Android 15 will be clarified.

That's it: Android begins its new annual transformation. Indeed, since February 16, Google has made available a preliminary version of the future version of its operating system. This is the “Developer Preview 1” of Android 15. The final version of the OS, the one intended for the general public, is expected later in 2024.


The start of the year represents for Google the reference period during which the new vintage of Android is rearing its ugly head. All this follows a very precise chronology: after the “Developer Preview” phase, which will extend until March, there will then be a period where the OS will be in beta, until the beginning of June.

Just before, in May, the Mountain View firm will organize its traditional Google I/O conference. The opportunity for the company to present and market the new features and changes arriving with its mobile operating system. Afterwards, comes a phase where we fix things for good. The OS is then available.

What's new for Android 15?

For Android 15, the developments mentioned by Google concern the Privacy Sandbox on the OS, file integrity, the Health Connect service (Health Connect), partial screen sharing, integrated camera controls, virtual MIDI 2.0 devices, and even dynamic performance. Among other things.

All of this will not speak to the general public, and that is not surprising: these update notes are primarily aimed at developers (this is a Developer Preview). These are very technical considerations that are highlighted here, so that those who create applications can prepare for technical developments.


It is expected that Google will talk (a lot) about Gemini with Android 15. // Source: Google

This version of Android 15 which has just been released does not yet concern you. First, because it is still a prototype whose stability is not absolutely certain. There may be bugs and its compatibility with applications installed on the phone could fail. Then, because the installation is technical.

There is no doubt that Google will adapt its speech in May with the Google I/O of 2024. We can also expect the group to continue to be grounded on artificial intelligence. Perhaps we should expect announcements around Gemini in particular, Google's generative AI upgraded to version 1.5 in February.

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