Google discontinues multiple smart home devices

Two Dropcam connected cameras and a Nest Secure alarm system will no longer be supported by Google starting April 8. The Mountain View firm also issues a warning about its Nest x Yale connected lock.

Owner of a Dropcam or Dropcam Pro connected camera? As of Monday April 8, 2024, support for these products will cease from Google. The American company shared on April 2 a final warning to its customers to remind them of the deadline. The end of support also affects the Nest Secure alarm system.


The disappearance of these devices and services is not fundamentally a surprise: the Mountain View firm had started to communicate on this subject on April 7, 2023. In the meantime, regular reminders have been sent to users to warn them, whether by email or via notifications in the applications.

Ten years of shelf life for Dropcam

Google's abandonment of these products comes almost ten years after the purchase of the company Dropcam, for a price estimated at half a billion dollars – this was at the end of spring 2014. Six months earlier, the giant of web also completed the acquisition of Nest, for $3.2 billion. Nest remains one of Google's biggest acquisitions to this day.

Google also details various situations that should attract the attention of its customers – this concerns certain subscriptions that you will have to cancel yourself to avoid their automatic extension, the receipt of certain offers by email, the availability of the history of captured videos by the cameras or even the technical actions to be undertaken.

Nest Yale
The connected lock. // Source : Google

The most important is obviously the one concerning the Nest x Yale lock. “ Nest Guard will no longer be able to connect your Nest x Yale lock to Wi-Fi », he is reminded. You must therefore replace the Nest Guard with a Nest Connect, otherwise the “ lock will be taken offline and will not work through the Nest app » without him.


The “good” news is that the lock remains usable even offline, if you have the access code to type on the keypad. Google provides additional support guides if owners experience issues with Nest Connect or if connectivity with the Nest x Yale lock fails. Far from attractive steps to “sell” home automation.

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The new Google Home interface. // Source: Google / NumeramaThe new Google Home interface. // Source: Google / Numerama