Google apparently wanted to buy Epic Games

Almost three years ago Epic Games caused a lot of excitement in the mobile sector. In Fortnite At that time, the company introduced its own payment method with which you could… Google and Apple wanted to get her commission. The App Store giants didn’t like this idea at all and quickly took the game down from the offer. But the topic was far from over. Google and Apple sued Finally, Epic Games for this campaign.


Documents reveal exciting information

While the proceedings between Apple and Epic Games have now ended on most of the lawsuits, the developers of Fortnite are currently in court against Google. In this context there are also numerous Documents came to light, which reveal some interesting plans. Accordingly, Google had one a few years earlier Acquisition of Epic Games in the head. That has The Verge discovered in the “Project Electra” documents.

In 2018 had Don Harrison (President of Global Partnerships at Google) the idea that this would make Fortnite the most important business drivers could do. A sum was also mentioned in the internal email. Apparently they were ready approximately $2 billion for one Share of 20% to pay.

A full takeover of Epic Games would only be with one another partner came into question. And this one too Pursue was revealed.


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Takeover with this company?

Google had it right away two possibilities, how they wanted to have control over Epic Games. Either you acquire it with a partner necessary majority or swallows the company completely. Those responsible at Google were there Tencent in mind, with whom they probably wanted to do common cause.

The advantage of cooperating with the Chinese technology group: Tencent has owned it since 2012 48.4% of shares from Epic Games. As we know today, this partnership and the deal did not materialize. Instead, Google and Epic Games are now fighting in court. Just before Christmas should then also be one Verdict be felled.

Source: Eurogamer / The Verge