Golem Summoning Made Easy – How Necromancers unlock him

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As a necromancer in Diablo 4, you can summon a powerful golem. Here’s how you can unlock the creature in Blizzard’s game.

Hamburg – If you’re a necromancer in Diablo 4, you don’t lift a finger yourself, but let the scariest creatures fight for you. One of these creatures is the golem. However, the Golem cannot be summoned from the start in Diablo 4, the ability must first be unlocked. We’ll show you how to make life difficult for your enemies with a golem.

title of the game Diablo IV
Release (date of first publication) 06.06.2023
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment
Serie Diablo
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC
developer Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Hack and Slay, Action-RPG

Diablo 4: How to unlock the golem as a necromancer

How to unlock the golem in Diablo 4? In order to be able to summon the golem in Diablo 4, you first have to level up your Necromancer properly. The golem is only unlocked at level 25. Then you have to complete the mission as a necromancer reputation of the underworld in the zone Shattered peaks successfully complete. You are then finally free to summon the golem. You can unlock and use additional variants of the golem at level 28 and 32. Here we have listed all the skills for you:

Bone (Unlocked at level 25) – Taunts the opponents and draws their attacks on the golem

blood (Unlocked at level 28) – Steals life force from nearby enemies, empowering itself

Eisen (Unlocked at level 32) – Steel collapses onto the ground, stunning nearby enemies

Necromancers also have the option of sacrificing a creature in their Book of the Dead in exchange for a passive benefit. However, if you select the golem here, it can no longer be summoned afterwards. So choose wisely if you really want to sacrifice your golem in the Book of Dead.

Diablo 4: Golem Summoning Made Easy – How Necromancers Unlock Him © Blizzard

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Diablo 4: That’s how easy it is to summon a golem

How to summon a golem in Diablo 4? Once you’ve unlocked the ability, actually summoning a golem is a breeze. To do this, simply press the button on the PC Sto view your skills. You can find the ability below Golem. This can be dragged onto your own action bar with a click of the mouse. Now the golem is summoned. If you pull the golem out of the bar again, it also disappears from the game.