God of War Creator Concerned about Sony’s Competition Following Xbox Conference

Game news “PlayStation managers will have to seriously look at the question of competition”: the creator of God of War is worried about Sony after the Xbox conference


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David Jaffe is a well-known and recognized creator in the world of video games: he is behind the God of War saga, among others. And that didn't stop him from greatly enjoying the Xbox Summer Game Fest conference.


David Jaffe loved the Xbox conference…

David Jaffe has had his moments of glory more than once: his first stroke of brilliance was having created Twisted Metal, one of PlayStation's most popular franchises once upon a time. He was able to repeat the feat with a certain God of War in 2005, one of the most iconic licenses of the Tenth Art in short, with one of the headliners (still current) from Sony. However, it has been a while since he left the PlayStation team, being today perfectly independent.

This does not prevent him from regularly speaking in public, often on the Summer Game Fest Xbox conference: it's simple, David Jaffe particularly liked it.

My goodness, that was a FANTASTIC show from Xbox! If (and they've only BARELY suggested they could, BUT IF) they ship most of these games, the Playstation people will need to have a serious meeting about how to stand up to them in the future.

…but he still has some reservations

However, David Jaffe made an important parenthetical mention: he just seems a little doubtful that Xbox can really release all these games. A sentence that is still important and worth emphasizing, which is what an Internet user does by describing his post as a “diverted argument”.

“It’s not supposed to be one,” replied the iconic video game developer, taking the opportunity to justify himself.


For years, I've been very critical of first party Xbox Studios' ability to deliver, because that's the only feeling they've given us. So great trailers are one thing, but until I play and enjoy the game, I think we deserve to be careful.

In short, David Jaffe is not only worried about PlayStation: he remains suspicious of Xbox despite his enthusiastic impressions. Note also that as for the question of Xbox games which will nevertheless be released by PlayStation and Nintendo, the creator is convinced that Game Pass will make the difference: “In my opinion, between charging a few excellent games for $70 each and offering hundreds for $15, the balance will tip in favor of Game Pass.”

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