Get ready for a free, quirky Mario Kart alternative coming soon to Steam!

After the arcade racer Bloodborne Kart had to rename itself for obvious legal reasons, a release on Steam is now pending. The game will be released in May and will even be free.

The racing game was actually supposed to be released two months ago, but Sony intervened because of the name. Now Bloodborne Kart appears under a new name and without the branding of FromSoftware's popular action role-playing game. The new title is Nightmare Kart.


Nightmare Kart is released for free on Steam

Nightmare Kart is a Racing game in the style of Mario Kart, the look is reminiscent of a PS1 classic and retains the gothic charm of Bloodborne despite Sony's intervention in the naming rights. The release is for the May 31, 2024 planned, you can then download the game for free via Steam or You won't find any product pages there at the moment.

To start there is 20 drivers, 16 race tracks, a campaign with boss fights and a versus mode. In the clip from the announcement post on

Sony's intervention was expected

As the responsible indie developer Lilith Walther said in January, she had expected the legal hurdles. It was still not easy to visually separate the racer from Bloodborne without losing the overall look of the game. The game code is very fragile, explains Walther in an interview with Kotaku, and in the end she “added the changes to the game on top”, similar to a mod. (Source: Kotaku).

Walther also thanks the composer Evelyn Lark, who had to recreate the entire soundtrack, and the artist, with the pseudonym Mino, who created the new logo and reworked all the character designs in just one night. Instead of Nightmare Kart, Bleed for Speed ​​was also in the running, but Walthers wanted to maintain a certain proximity to the original idea.