Get a Popular Game for Free While You Wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 – Limited Time Offer!

What's better than a free trial to introduce a game, or even an entire license? Bethesda has understood this well with an announcement that is extremely pleasing to RPG fans.

While The Elder Scrolls saga keeps everyone waiting for TES 6, which is not expected for several years, Bethesda still allows you to pass the time on its other games. Because after all, the developer's catalog is filled with little wonders that are just waiting to be discovered, if this is not already the case. Particularly in terms of online games


A free The Elder Scrolls episode

So, in April 2024, the fantastic world of The Elder Scrolls Online opens for free to players around the world, offering them a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover the vast expanses of Tamriel as well as the many kingdoms that extend beyond of its borders. This initiative, running from Tuesday April 2 to Tuesday April 9, 2024, allows everyone to access the basic ESO experience at no cost, on different platforms such as PC/Mac, Xbox Series (One) and PS 5(PS4).

During this period of free play, participants have the opportunity to explore 24 distinct zones and embark on an epic adventure as one of the four unique classes offered by the game: Sorcerer, Blackblade, Templar or Dragon Knight . Additionally, this free exploration is not limited to questing and exploring, as all of ESO's PvP (Player versus Player) game modes are also accessible, providing a complete and varied experience.

A beautiful time to spend

For those ready to start this adventure, simply go to the page dedicated to the ESO free play event and choose your platform. Players who have already participated in a free play event in the past can resume their adventure where they left off, without losing progress.

As a welcome treat, any newly created accounts during this period will be awarded 500 crowns, a virtual currency usable in the ESO in-game store. These crowns allow you to acquire various items and services that can enrich the gaming experience.


Once the event is over, players wishing to continue their quest will be able to purchase the full version of ESO, picking up exactly where their adventure left off. This transition is intended to be fluid, thus guaranteeing an uninterrupted gaming experience.