Genesis Pallad 450 Camo – military backpack for the player!

Do players need backpacks? “This question is as wise as we would ask about the sense of additional accessories in the form of cable holders for control devices, desks or RGB LED lighting glued to walls and nooks and crannies. After all, there is a target group, and dedicated accessories are also produced for them, In this particular case, the backpacks are adjusted to meet the transport requirements of electrical and design devices – so that they look aggressive compared to the usual ones. .

So far, my blog has included several reviews of such backpacks and the Genesis brand dominated here. There was Pallad 100, 300 and my favorite 500 and its modernized version 550. I appreciate the last two models above all for the quality of workmanship, spaciousness of internal chambers and the load capacity they can endure in time. These are really very good backpacks, specially adapted to the transport of computer devices such as laptops, additional accessories … and in the case of outdoor events, a large amount of golden liquor. This time, another backpack appeared at the workshop, Genesis Pallad 450 in the Camo version (military). How does it compare to the 5xx series? Pretty cool!

Military flavor

The backpack is made of very good quality polyester, covered with a waterproof layer, impermeable to liquids. This means that we can easily carry electronics in it, without fear of getting it wet. Genesis Pallad 450 also has a military camouflage design, adding aggressiveness but also toning down. Previous models had many red inserts, and here dark color and gray dominate.


Workmanship and military inserts often attract the attention of passers-by in the city, due to the large number of stripes and side handles. It is easy to confuse it with a tactical backpack, which appears, among others, in military sports such as AirSoft or Paintball. You can easily attach additional equipment to the backpack in the form of photographic tripods or, when we go downhill, Nordic walking poles. The backpack has two main compartments with space for a laptop / tablet, over-ear headphones, pointing accessories, powerbanks and smaller electronic devices. In total, we can load a lot of electronics into the backpack without any special pushing up of the material, because each element has a pocket – it’s a very well thought-out design.

The front panel is equipped with an organizer for office accessories and sliding compartments for small items. The whole thing is closed with a buckle and has two additional pockets with a cord with a welt. It enables the installation of larger dimensions, e.g. cabling or a thermal mat. Pallad 450 also has two side pockets where we can fit drinks or smaller accessories. There is also a logged dog tag on the main flap, giving the backpack a unique, military character.

Backpack specification

Number of outer pockets 6
Capacity 28 L
Libra 1300 g
Comoros 2
Material Polyester
Dedicated laptop size 15.6 “
Dimensions 450 x 195 x 300 mm

Comfortable though with fringes

The Pallad 450 Camo backpack has been equipped with a type fastening system Soft and D ringi, placed on the harness. They allow for the attachment of tactical or tourist equipment when we want the backpack to be used in the field. Thanks to the connecting buckle, we can connect both braces to be able to carry the contents in the backpack even better and more stable. The profiled shoulder straps, along with the hip and chest belt, make it comfortable to wear after adjusting to the user’s body shape. By properly adjusting the straps and cuffs, we can adjust the comfort to our own preferences and needs.


Side straps fastened with a buckle can be used as a support for longer accessories or as a compression of the backpack and appropriate keeping of items inside. During my December escapades, they served as a place to store ball stands, cold or warm drinks in a thermal water bottle. Versatility counts!


Despite the fact that the backpack looks very good, it is durable, its interior is very difficult to get wet, and the military appearance fits perfectly into the field work with wild nature, this is one thing that I personally did not like. I mean these stripes … there are a lot of them here. They hang and surround the backpack, especially when we do not carry larger dimensions in it. The worst thing is when you carry small things in the backpack, such as a camera, an additional lens, a ball tripod and simple provisions, then the backpack has no way to fill itself and the mounting straps, they simply have no way to narrow, so they hang limply. It is enough to just take them off, but it would be useful to tie them up afterwards. It is a pity that the manufacturer did not even use rubber bands for such situations.


Backpack working in the field

It is the third backpack after the Pallad 500 and 550, which has won me over with its functionality and possibilities. Although from the larger capacity brothers Genesis Pallad 450 Camo, it cannot boast of such a large amount of space for larger dimensions, it complements them with a large number of external fasteners. Such a backpack becomes a useful tool for tourist trips, work in difficult terrain or “hunting“for birds in ornithological meetings. This backpack allows you to carry a full range of equipment, such as a laptop, headphones, mouse and keyboard, an additional HUB, a camera with lenses, tripods, and a lot of space for provisions and something stronger to warm up in the hideout.


Its price is not prohibitive and in my opinion it is good and attractive. We will have to pay for the Genesis Pallad 450 Camo backpack ~ 170 PLN*, which can be a tasty morsel for a Christmas gift 🙂 And don’t get me wrong. Each backpack is good and made for some needs, and such “for the player“You can name everyone by affixing a special badge to them. Nevertheless, the manufacturer’s Pallad line has intuitively installed pockets, making it much easier to transport electronics over longer distances … trips, rallies or even a spontaneous LAN-Party at the Samotnia shelter 🙂

* – you support my journalistic activity by clicking, looking and buying from a reflink. I received a copy from the manufacturer for testing 🙂

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